Kittylicious Beach Babe 2010 Collection

Kittylicious Beach Babe 2010 Collection

Well I hope you’ve all had a lovely extended weekend, and that the weather was good for you! It was a mixed bag for me weather (and health) wise. I’d be more than happy to be swimming in a beautiful ocean at sunrise, just like this lucky lady here: but alas I’m shivering cold and it’s been piddling it down all day. Typical bank holiday weather, I am sure you will agree.
This is a new shape, hot off the press. She’s very different to others from my collection in that she has unnaturally long legs; I’ve noted that there seems to be a trend towards these in-world so here’s my contribution to the craze. Of course you don’t get the full benefit of them in this snap, but you do get to see slender curves and a beautifully shaped face.

I’m especially pleased with this shape; I have no clue what to call her yet but I can tell you that she’s perfect for catwalk and fixed-pose modelling assignments, and will be available VERY soon…

Here’s a close-up shot of  her pouty chops..(Click to enlarge)

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