Kittylicious Beach Babe 2010 Collection

Kittylicious Beach Babe 2010 Collection

Well I hope you’ve all had a lovely extended weekend, and that the weather was good for you! It was a mixed bag for me weather (and health) wise. I’d be more than happy to be swimming in a beautiful ocean at sunrise, just like this lucky lady here: but alas I’m shivering cold and it’s been piddling it down all day. Typical bank holiday weather, I am sure you will agree.
This is a new shape, hot off the press. She’s very different to others from my collection in that she has unnaturally long legs; I’ve noted that there seems to be a trend towards these in-world so here’s my contribution to the craze. Of course you don’t get the full benefit of them in this snap, but you do get to see slender curves and a beautifully shaped face.

I’m especially pleased with this shape; I have no clue what to call her yet but I can tell you that she’s perfect for catwalk and fixed-pose modelling assignments, and will be available VERY soon…

Here’s a close-up shot of  her pouty chops..(Click to enlarge)

Real Life Summer 0 Second Life Summer 1

Real Life Summer 0 Second Life Summer 1

The sun is shining in RL…do you honestly think I’m going to chain myself to a PC in this weather? Well, have a point…If ‘Flaming June’ is giving you a flaming headache, fear not because you can still get your summertime fix on the grid!

Here’s a few reasons why Summer in Second Life rules!

1. Summer rules in Second Life because you can celebrate the spirit of summer 24/7 365 days a week. Just find a summery sim and you’re sorted!

2. You don’t get tan lines. There are skins that feature these, but I’m sure readers of this blog wouldn’t be the kind of folks who would indulge…

3.You don’t have to apply sunscreen in SL, rendering yourself similar in appearance to a very well greased kipper, and you don’t have to re-apply it once the wind blows a bit of sand in your direction and turns you into sandpaper. Obviously you can get body oil textures in SL, but I refer you to my previous comments about skins that feature tan-lines, as often the two go together. People..DO NOT DO IT!!

4. Virtual ice-cream contains no calories, and you can eat the biggest sundae you want without barfing up afterwards! This is of course providing your Avatar isn’t ‘barf-enabled’. If you are? Unlucky!

5. Should you feel inclined to go surfing/ride a giant inflatable banana/swim in shark infested waters then you can, all without getting wet! Amazing stuff this isn’t it? ( You can tell I’m running out of ideas here…gahh!)

6. Sunburn doesn’t happen UNLESS you are using your wireless network to log into SL from the garden, and have thrown caution to the wind regarding adequate self-coverage. You rebel you!

7. (This one is kind of tied in 4) Barbecues – you can have as many as you want, invite your friends round and drink beers aplenty WITHOUT the hangover or the food poisoning! No more “I think this could do with a couple more minutes” as you bite into a semi-raw yet still burned to a crisp chicken leg!

8. You don’t get jet-lag teleporting to beaches or sea sickness. You don’t get stuck in Terminal 5 either, as your luggage flies off on its own holiday to Italy. Why bother going on holiday in real life when you can do a SL vacation for free? The SS Galaxy has so many features that you could actually spend your holiday on board without having to leave the ship. I actually rented a cabin for a fortnight there last year…ahem.

9. You can sight-see without worrying about getting mugged (unless you want to..kinky chuff!) Being griefed of course is a completely different matter…

10. Last, but not least..NO MOSQUITOS! you won’t get bitten by any manky nasty buggery bugs in a SL summer. Not unless you want to of course.

In fact…here’s a challenge for the SL skin designers, is anyone making a holiday skin replete with tan lines, sunburn AND Mossy bites for that truly authentic summery touch? ;P