Witchy Wednes..oh stuff it. LOOK AT THIS!!!

Witchy Wednes..oh stuff it. LOOK AT THIS!!!

I missed my Witchy Wednesday blogging session yesterday, but I’m MORE than going to make up for it today (I hope!) by telling you about something AMAZING which was offered yesterday as part of the weekly ‘Hump Day Happiness’ gig…and is STILL AVAILABLE at Hump Day price until tomorrow, Friday. (Which means you haven’t got long to get one in my timezone, sorry!)The creator is Ivey Deschanel, better known to you and I as the uber-creatrix behind the Sn@tch brand. I’ve seen Sn@tch go from strength to strength over the years during my time in SL, and I know that Ivey works darn hard to make some of the most spectacular Goth/Alternative fashions on the grid. Put simply, you ain’t ever been shopping in Second Life UNTIL you’ve been to Sn@tch.

But I’d go so far as saying Ivey has excelled herself this time. Why? Because Ivey has made a mausoleum……

Exterior shot of the Mausoleum. Functional and tidy isn’t it?

And it’s rather f*cking fabulous. For 69L (I KNOW!!! Pick yourself up off the ground and dust yourself down..OK? Let’s proceed!) I became the owner of a rather glorious yet strangely simple concrete dwelling that would be perfect either on the ground or in the air as a skybox. Mausoleum sounds terrifyingly grandiose doesn’t it? But it’s not half as fancy as you would presume it to be, and that is why it works so effortlessly and is so bloody amazing to boot. Even better, Ivey’s applied the same logic that she applies to her clothing creations so that means quality and functional design embellished with lots of NOM, and I simply have to tell you all about it.

Interior shot of the downstairs featuring the fireplace..I’ve splashed some Witchy around..

The structure is two-story dwelling with a balcony. Nothing remarkable there, but it starts to evoke a Necropolictic ( I don’t *think* that’s a word, but it works so shush) air as soon as you walk toward it. There are a pair of faboosh metal-swing gates that open outwards towards you, and they’re so evocative that in my Kitty-mental head I can hear them spooky-squeaking as they move..I kid you not!! Yes, I make my own sound effects people…anyway, moving on… Above your head as you walk in hangs an Absinthe green gas light, and as you mount the steps you’re overcome with a feeling of…ok, enough of the Edgar Allen Poe. When you walk in you’re directly opposite a fireplace. Nothing fancy here but prime for decorating with your skulls and candles and zombie brains in jars.
You get my drift huh? There are logs crackling and spitting in the hearth ( there goes my mental again, making sound effects up!) and it’s got a load of potential to make into a really special focal point in the room. In fact, the space around you is AMPLE for whatever needs you may have, and Ivey has even supplied a one-prim bookcase to start you off decorating the place a bit. There’s a bearskin rug included too, perfect for laying in front of the fire as you read a grimoire by candlelight..again, a candle has been provided in the total package by Ivey, BUT all these items are optional, you don’t have to use them. Considerate, eh? One thing that I really do rate are the choice of textures that Ivey has deployed in the interior. I love the cracked-plaster effect upon the walls and although Gothically inclined the build is not so dark as to make the space seem plain and boring. She’s made really effective choices for the window texture too..I love it. For the price she could have gotten away with just black walls but she didn’t. Kudos to Ivey for that. Moving upstairs takes you into another large open space. There are two features here that really made me *wow* First up is the stained glass window which felt as though it came out of a Depeche Mode video circa ‘Songs Of Faith And Devotion’ ( If you’re a DM fan you’ll get EXACTLY what I mean, in fact with that in mind it would make a great hangout for a DM fan..hang some pictures of Dave up on the walls..you get the drift) The second is the large window opening out onto a balcony. Ivey has provided some black curtains for you to hang here and they’re super effective and atmospheric as they drift in the breeze.

Another shot of the upstairs area. It’s a great space to work in!

Alas I am TOTALLY prim-skint these days and I’m having to jiggle my objects around my land so that I can best enjoy them, but it struck me that this build is a perfect Witchy hide-out. It’s large enough to hold meetings in for starters, including circle work, and decorated with all your witch-wares ( from stores that I’ve featured previously on the blog, natch) it would look utterly perfect. I have tried to give you a flavour for how good it could potentially  look by placing a few items from my collection in situ to give you a feel for the place, you can do so much with it. It would make a great club actually-the only limit is your imagination and your prim limits..oh how I hate those…<Kitty grumbles>

Guys, you NEED to see this yourself…so here’s a recap on ALL the deets:

Sn@tch ‘Angels Mausoleum’

Two story concrete pre-fab with iron gates, fireplace and balcony. Includes candles, plants bookcase, curtains, rug and Lamp. 75 prims unfurnished.


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