An SL competition you MUST enter!

An SL competition you MUST enter!

..because it will be *tons* of fun to do, and pretty painless all things considered!

Katey Coppola, the mad genius behind ‘Glitterati’, has teamed up with Kaz Nayer, clothing designer extraordinaire, for a fun photo competition with some corking prizes. All you have to do is take a picture using a Glitterati pose whilst wearing an item or items of Nayar clothing. Simple huh? But even better, this contest allows even Nayar dollarbie clothing items to be used in the shots, and Katey has even provided us with a pack of special poses FOR FREE in her store (although you can use any pose you like so long as it’s Glitterati) Spiffing, what?

The prizes are as follows:

10,000L in cash
5,000L gift card to GLITTERATI.

5,000L in cash
2500L gift card to GLITTERATI.

1,000L in cash
1,000L gift card to GLITTERATI.

Banging huh? This is a GREAT contest, and I hadn’t been to Nayar for ages so it encouraged me to go and I’m mighty glad I did. Kaz’s stuff ROCKS! I threw together a ‘Rock Chicklet’ look using a load of items from my inventory, and two Nayar items;I’m wearing the Nayar ‘Pulled Fishnet Tank’ in black, along with the ‘Destroyed Denim Mini’, and I think it really looks the part. A bit Kat Von D-ish, don’tcha think? The pose I’m using is ‘Glitterati-Contest Single 4’. ( Incidentally, ‘Single 5’ is now one of my fave Glitterati poses EVER, but I couldn’t use it for my shot owing to my overt hairyness getting in the way! )
This is going to be my entry, but if you think you can do better, and to be fair you probably can, then poddle off to Glitterati and collect your free pose pack, which you’ll need because it contains ALL the rules as well as specific photo submission details. Then bugger off over to Nayar and get some goodies to wear.

The deadline for photo submissions will be JUNE 4TH at MIDNIGHT SLT…GOOD LUCK!

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