Looking Cool In Pool

Looking Cool In Pool

Who says that Kitty Kats don’t like water, hmm? Not me, and I so envy my SL right now because there’s nothing that I’d like more than to have my own personal bum-pool..(If you know me in RL you’ll get the reasoning behind that statement. No it’s not perverted for a change) This rather fine and dandy pose-prop is part of today’s 50L Friday offering from LAP. It features three poses, and there are male and female versions of the pool to choose from. There’re also some pose packs available for those who don’t feel like getting any pool happy-they’re also extremely good. I’ve always rated LAP and today’s offering is probably up there with ny favourite 50L Fridays of recent weeks, but to be honest it’s a mixed bag this week; Botanical have some really nifty fireflies for your land, but fashion wise I wasn’t really feeling it. That said, I’m wearing a swimsuit from Whippet and Buck which is part of their selection for this week, which is a double pack of red and purple swimsuits. Both as exceptionally well created as you would expect from such an esteemed in-world brand…but a tad, dare I say it, boring? Functional and lovely yes, but nothing out of the ordinary. I dunno, perhaps it’s the mood that I’m in today…

Finally I must mention the hair that I’m sporting. This isn’t a 50L item but it is part of the latest Truth hair release. It’s called ‘Sylvia’ and it features colour change streaks! Touch the menu and you have lots of colour choices, and the colour packs also feature non-streaky versions too, which are just as nifty. Great value, and yet more proof positive that Troof is THE #1 hair brand in world. I want MORE streaky hair please!
It’s bacon hair…streaky and delicious. NOM!

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