Do it til we’re Black ‘N’ Blue

Do it til we’re Black ‘N’ Blue

Need any more persuasion to poddle along to the ‘Black and Blue Fair’? Hopefully this will help to tempt you further in the fair’s direction…I am LOVING this shirt dress from MFP. What I love about it is the detail. The creasing is divine ( as if you could say that about creases in real life!) making it look really authentic and as you can see the colour looks beautiful against a dark skin, which really makes the gorgeous blue colour stand out. I’m still wearing the SIGMA bangles, but I do like bangles in SL for one simple reason; as avatars we have nasty wrist bones that stick out and can look dreadful in some shots, so it’s much easier to hide the offending bones with wrist-wear than have them chopped off:)

The hair isn’t from the fair, but it’s new from TRUTH. Yes, the hair-meister has done it again! This is another of his colour-change streak hairstyles and it’s just sooo immensely wearable and can accomodate so many different looks, for example rock-chick chic or Neko as I’m demonstrating here. The ears incidentally are part of some fair exclusive packages from DREAMS, of which I’ll try and post some more detailed shots over the weekend.

You know, the irony is I’ve never been that fussed about blue as a colour being more of a red girl myself, but the amazing clothes that I’ve found at this event are really starting to make me question my anti-blue stance…

One thought on “Do it til we’re Black ‘N’ Blue

  1. Hey Kitty. Long time no see but I do read your blog. Just a comment about the Black n Blue Fair…In the few posts I have seen, I didnt notice a slurl to help us find it. I also couldnt find it by name when searching. Ended up finding you, seeing there was a group, going to group and joining group and then reading old notices that were sent 🙂


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