Ain’t Got No Money in My Pocket, But I’m Already Here..

Ain’t Got No Money in My Pocket, But I’m Already Here..

See this skin? Believe it or not, this beauty (‘Megan’) is a Super Bargain Saturday item from TIK TOK, and I am extremely enamoured with it. The reason? Well for the money the quality is beyond excellent; it has lovely tone upon the body, as well as great definition upon all the key features. The mouth, as you can see, is really luscious, the nose is beautifully shaped and the eyes are delicately shaded. The eyebrows are really well constructed too (I would prefer them a shade darker but that’s just a minor niggle) I have no real complaints at all, I’m astonished that for the money I’ve got a skin that’s genuinely rather special. The body is just as good too with the nipples, bellybutton and, erm, “lady parts” all well-drawn. The breasts in particular look very nice indeed. It even comes with two versions of the skin for the price; one with cleavage, and one without. It’s a steal at the price…I’ve also tried on demos of the other skins in store (to be reviewed at a later date when I can go back and buy them all) and they too are rather glorious. I love it when I strike skin-gold, and TIK TOK is just that.

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