Yay Yay It’s Caturday!!

Yay Yay It’s Caturday!!

Ok, it’s Saturday, so that means that it’s ‘Super Bargain Saturday‘ whereby a number of retailers offer some happy wee items for just 60L. I completely missed Fifty Linden Friday this week, doh!, so I was determined to not miss Saturday. As usual with this kind of event it’s a mixed bag, but I recommend checking out this great ‘Celestial’ tattoo from PARA DESIGNS. There are some nifty freebies there too that you should indulge yourself with; they really do produce excellent tattoos, and I especially like the fact that they retail sets that cater especially for viewer 2.0 I have no idea how we’ve managed without a tattoo layer, and when the option to layer the layers comes in a future 2.0 update I can imagine everyone’s ARC soaring into the millions! I care not a jot, it’s going to completely revolutionise the way we wear outfits in SL.
Also featured is a dress I picked up from a completely new store to me ( That isn’t featured in Super Bargain Saturday, but I found it whilst doing the rounds) called MY PINKIE SKULL. Where *do* people find their store names? It sells a great range of streetwear in bright colours as well as hair and accessories. I spotted lots of cool items, in particular a really funky catsuit and this rather sweet ‘Unzzip Me’ dress. Why did I buy it? Simple, the creasing and the shading really work, as does the zip detail and the prim cuffs upon the arms. You get two options, one with the stars detail and one without, which makes it super versatile. I also really like the arm wraps, which are a new release in store and you can *just* make them out in this picture. They come in 8 different combinations and make a great addition to an outfit..I love items like that. Also worth a mention is the pose, which IS part of the Super Bargain Saturday event. It’s called ‘Your Turn’, and it’s part of the ‘Model Poses 2’ pack, from BUBBLE (which is next to ‘My Pinkie Skull’) and you get 10 poses for L$60, and they’re pretty nifty too. Finally I MUST mention the hair that I am wearing, yes it’s another TRUTH spectacular and it’s featuring colour-change streaks again…I am *loving* the hair that he is creating at the moment, and these streak options are really making his styles go that extra mile. This one is called ‘Peyton’ and if you want to avoid the usual lag-fest at the Truth mainstore you’ll find it available on X-street.
Now, please excuse me- I need to go and change my skin from this lovely CURIO beauty to a skin that cost just L$60 and is rather spesh….BRB!

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