Big Bad Blogger Challenge..Day Two!

Big Bad Blogger Challenge..Day Two!

SL Bloggers – Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.

Three positives? Well one is my business, Kittylicious. I’m going to be celebrating the first birthday of the brand very soon, and I’m gobsmacked by the success that I’ve had. I started with a small range of shapes on a market stall in the Malt sim, moved into a small store, then a larger one, and now I have two stores; a satellite store upon the fantastic Second Style Island, and my flagship main store on the amazing NuRepublik sim. I create for love, not money and it gives me great joy when people tell me that they wear my shapes and enjoy them.

A simple pleasure for me, but a very valid one nonetheless. Another one is connected to this blog, because if I didn’t have a Second Life Kittywitchin’ wouldn’t exist and I get so much from writing this blog and from creating the images for it. But the most positive thing in my Second Life are my friendships, especially with Amanda and Sable. They’re friends in a million, the kind that don’t often frequent a real life, let alone a second one, so for that I am very blessed.

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