Uh-Oh..someone’s ripping Kitty off….

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which it may well be, but NOT when someone is making money off your image, and you aren’t even credited for it!
I was doing a search upon X-Street today, using the key words ‘Litha’ when I stumbled across this

It’s supposedly an art print called ‘Learning Wicca’, and it costs L$20. It’s actually a picture lifted off THIS website, taken by me ages ago when I visited Robin Wood’s Wicca Learning Centre (You can see the original picture and the post here)

Whoever Emma Flagon is, she is selling this work without my permission. To be honest, I wouldn’t waste L$20 on it, it’s not even an especially good picture and if you want a copy you can have one from me, for free!  It would appear that Emma runs a gallery in one of my favourite regions, Witchfest. My picture is also on sale there, as well as countless other artworks.

This would indicate to me that Emma is of a Pagan persuasion, and if that’s the case then double shame on you Emma, for stealing someone elses work and passing it off as your own, and breaking the tenets of the Wiccan Rede…Incidentally she sells copies of the Wiccan Rede in her gallery, oh the irony of that.  To be honest, if she had approached me and told me that she would like to sell the picture and had offered me a cut of the takings I would probably have agreed to it, but to take and not even ask it just not on.

I am FUMING. Can you tell?

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