Wheel Of The Year hunt items

Wheel Of The Year hunt items

Although it’s one of the most frustrating hunts that I have ever participated in, it is still worth your while to try the Litha ‘Wheel Of The Year’ hunt. So far I have been impressed by the majority of the items that have been included; but there have been a few desperately poor prizes too. Alas, you get these in every hunt, and it’s important to remember that these are freebies and we are all blessed with delete buttons so do get ready to use them! But minor grumbles aside be prepared for some nice items that you will be more than happy to make space for in your inventory.

If you are planning a Summer Solstice ritual in-world then you should definitely look for some of these goodies. For example, this Green Man mask and necklace ( #52 – GILDED and #47 MARYMAC respectively) would be perfect for the rite, as would the Oak Leaf Chaplet ( for the male) and the Circlet (for the female) from #28 BAMBI, who also provide a pretty good complete altar set up as part of their gift for you to use, very generous indeed. (Note: the head-dresses aren’t transfer so you will both need to pick up this particular hunt item) Incidentally, the rather funky sun pentacle eyes are the prize from #51 AVATAR BIZARRE.  There are quite a few bonfire type constructions included as prizes, some better than others but all of them are pretty worthy items. I guess seeing as it’s a Solar festival it’s to be expected. The large bonfire structure that is the gift number #24 from OCTOBER ALCHEMY will be perfect for November 5th! ( Bonfire Night party at my place then!)
I also really love the campfire and stones FROM #3 PAINFULLY DIVINE, as well as the ‘Ancient Offerings Altar’ from #53 BEARCUB.

AVON + ALPHA (#25) have provided a lovely set of jewellery for the hunt, featuring chamomile flowers and emeralds, and it really looks the part when worn with the prize dress from PASARELLA (#30) and head-dress from BAMBI, as mentioned before.

Be warned though, some of the hunt items are VERY tough to find, and I’ve left more than my fair share of locations empty handed on this one. But if you enjoy hunts I do recommend that you give it a try..

Best of luck, you have until July 12th to complete it, and you’re halway there if you use the hints and direct TP’s featured on the official blog HERE.

Have fun, and you may well bump into me, I’m going to go back to visit some of the locations that I failed so miserably at!

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