Tilly and Tuli

Tilly and Tuli

Two things that have put a smile on my anxious kitty – chops today are these wonders from two of Second Life’s uber-designers..Truth Hawks and Tuli Asturias.
First up we have the beautiful ‘Tanya’ preview skin that is a giftie for group members at the Tuli mainstore (Remember, have your group tag activated) As you would expect from a Tuli skin, this one is beautifully rendered and has stunning highlighting. Just look at the clavicles and the philtrum and see how beautifully they are defined…awesome. The brows are nice and strong and it bodes well for the future release, I cannot wait to see what make-up options will be available!
I’m also wearing the super-amazing latest ‘Bacon’ hair release from Truth ( I call it bacon hair because it’s streaky..geddit?) which is a rioutous affair, it reminds me of Glambert and this shade, Cranberry, looks beautiful with the Tuli skin, don’t you think?
A final nod to Tuli, the eyes that I am wearing are another freebie for group members available in-store. These are ‘Gem Eyes’, I am wearing the Ruby flavour for this shot, and I think they work quite well but I must confess that I’m not mad about the actual texture upon the iris…however, they’re a freebie from Tuli so definitely NOT to be sniffed at, and the gift features five gem colours so there’s something for everyone.

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