Witchy Wednesdays – ‘Goddess Garden Table’ by Bryanna Morgath

Witchy Wednesdays – ‘Goddess Garden Table’ by Bryanna Morgath

I haven’t done a ‘Witchy Wednesday’ for a couple of weeks- apologies for that. Oftentimes it’s because I haven’t found a killer item to share, or a new location that you simply have to visit. This week though I’ve been trolling through Xstreet instead, and I wanted to feature the work of one particular creator that I really like, Bryanna Morgath.

Bryanna makes fabulous items at very Witch-friendly prices.
There are thirteen (count em!) pages of her creations upon X-Street, and her work varies from jewellery with a Pagan bent, stained glass paintings, full altar sets, BOS and individual witch items including candles, chalices, geodes and athames.
I wanted to tell you about two of her creations today.
First up is her rather wonderful ‘Goddess Garden Table’. This is a very pretty item to feature on a patio, or if you don’t have a garden in Second Life it brings a touch of the outdoors in for you to enjoy.
This is a purely decorative item, but don’t let that put you off please because it features great textures and is beautifully arranged and acts as a gentle way of displaying your spiritual inclinations towards visitors to your dwelling. I also appreciate the fact that this comes with a temp rezzer, resulting in this item, when placed correctly, being just one prim in value!
I’ve actually installed mine in a corner in my sky box, as you can see from the photo.
The Garden table contains following items:
– 6 pots with plants
– Goddess statue
– Silver candles
– Boline
– 3 gold pentagrams
– some leaves and nuts
– seeds
– incense
– 3 crystal pointers.

As I stated before this is a decorative item only so you can’t remove items from the table surface, but it really doesn’t detract from the worthiness of this piece. Altars are ten a penny, but this is something different and very special indeed, perfect for Hedgewitches! It costs L$102 from Xstreet.
In fact, Bryanna, if you’re reading this I have a request please? Please can you create a companion item to the Goddess Garden in the shape of a small altar? ( I already have the large one that you make but I feel a co-coordinating altar set-up would be a real bonus, especially if the same technology is applied)
I must also honourably mention her BOLINES.

No, I’m not being rude!

A boline is a special, sacred knife used by witches to cut herbs and flowers for placement upon the altar, to be used as offerings or for use in spell work. It’s traditionally white-handled with a curved, crescent shaped blade. I’ve seen many bolines in real life; some are huge scythe-like affairs that can do serious damage, while others are small, tiny almost. A lot of times they are used as decoration rather than in any ritual work, but they’re a great addition to any Witches inventory in real life or second, and luckily for us Bryanna makes and sells two rather lovely examples.

First up is a non-scripted gorgeous ‘Chakra Boline’, featuring crystals upon the blade that co-ordinate in gemstone colours with the chakra points upon the human body. It’s a very simple, elegant bolin which is nicely textured and is a highly affordable L$49.

Slighty more special is her beautiful ‘Gemstone Boline’ Again, this costs L$49 but it has a lot of features. Every prim is texture changeable; there are 52 different gems in total, 4 different stones, 21 different metals and 12 different symbols including the Pentacle, Triquetra and Eye Of Horus amongst others. It’s an absolute bargain for the price and perfect to use in ritual. I’d seriously recommend this if you have a coven in-world, and even if you don’t I personally feel that it’s a must have for any Second Life Witch.

So there you go, some essential items from Bryanna Morgath, and I strongly suggest you check these out along with the rest of her collection very soon..I’m very sure that you’ll be ‘Kitty pleased’ that you did!

PS Bryanna has a store in-world too..It’s at the fabulous ‘Trading Post’ Area upon Gaia Rising.

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