Witchy Wednesdays Part II – Inside the Artemis Shrine

The Sacred Cauldron sim is one of the busiest Pagancentric sims in the metaverse, with an enthusiastic team of spiritually-inclined avatars who work together to provide a spiritual retreat within the confines of Second Life.

Actually, they do this exceptionally well, and one of the nicest services that they perform are the daily morning meditations. At 6am SLT (that’s 2pm UK) every morning, in the Artemis Shrine, they perform a daily blessing via voice. Avatars assemble and take a seat as one of the attending priestesses reads ‘The Charge Of The Goddess.’ (Obviously you need to have the voice function enabled to hear her)

After the reading of the charge, each avatar types into chat a message expressing gratitude for something in their lives that they are especially thankful for upon that day, or alternatively asking for strength from the Goddess. It’s a relaxed atmosphere so you can pretty much go with the flow. Finally attendees are led on a guided meditation to raise energy for the day ahead. It’s a lovely way to pass thirty minutes and there is a genuine feeling of warmth amongst the group that assembles, and as you can see by the picture there are always plenty of participants! I try and visit whenever I can really recommed it. Incidentally, Belladonna Arrowroot is usually in attendence and she is High Priestess of the Covenant of WISE, Church of Wicca.  Belladonna is lovely and very approachable, not at all grandiose as some Pagan hierarchy can be, plus she has her own website which I highly recommend. Oh, and a final note..my hands tingle like mad when I attend rituals in-world, and were absolutely buzzing after this. I presume this is because I’m Reiki attuned, but I’d be interested to read if any other SL Pagan folk experience the same! Let me know on the comments section below if you do, and I very much hope to see you there..oh, and be sure to sign up for news and messages from the Scared Cauldron and Pagan News groups while you are on site! ( Group joining boards can be found here)

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