(Non SL) Cupcakes = Kitty-happy!!

(Non SL) Cupcakes = Kitty-happy!!

I know this isn’t SL related, and for that I will make amends by my following post, but I had to share this, and seeing as it’s my blog where better to say thank you to some very special people?

Today has the potential to be the ‘Day From Hell’

For starters I barely slept last night so I’m completely knackered. I’m still in pain from my surgery, stressed out and feeling so poorly most days that I just don’t want to engage with the universe at large. To compound it all, I’ve had to drive the car to the garage for her MOT, and painful isn’t the word (Driving is near on impossible at the moment following stitches in the unmentionables)
Cup of tea and a cry when I get in, accompanied by MAJOR sulk. Knock at door. Beloved’s parcel has arrived (he gets deliveries every day due to his rampant retro console collection habit)

Only, this parcel isn’t for him, it’s for me? It says the magic word ‘CAKE’ on the front..cake?

It’s my mums birthday tomorrow, I didn’t order her a cake, and I haven’t been pissed in ages so I know for a fact that I haven’t been drunken E-buying…
Tentatively I open the parcel to be greeted by beautiful red box tied with ribbon. What the hell is this? It can’t be from beloved, he never buys me random presents, so what can it be?
Open box to see gold paper and a smell that can only be described as the ambrosia-tinged scent of angel poop (That’s a GOOD thing BTW) wafts into the air and hits my nostrils.
Indiana ( My doggy daughter) starts bouncing around the kitchen in a way that makes me think some warlock has cast an evil spell upon her.

I open the wrapping and what do I see?
(To be said in Michael Caine voice) “CUPCAKES. THOUSANDS OF ‘EM!” (Well, a dozen but bloody hell!)

All the colours of the rainbow and absolutely gorgeous, I’ve had just *ONE* and I think I’ve had an epiphany!

Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for making me smile on an utterly crappo day, which is likely to get even worse as I am expecting a call to tell me my car has failed her MOT.

You are the truest of friends and I have no words to adequately describe how touched I am by what you’ve done xxxx

So I made two pictures instead to show the world what I will be making myself very sick on later:)

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