NEW Truth Hair-‘Kalista’ is Bloody stunning.

NEW Truth Hair-‘Kalista’ is Bloody stunning.

Remember the original Ferrero Rocher advert, where they’re at the Ambassador’s party? The guy is uber-cool and has, ahem, ‘exquisite taste’, and nods towards his butler to bring in a silver tray teaming with chocolates. The butler carries the pile of golden nommables around and each guest selects one with mucho gusto, causing one of them to say to the Ambassador, ” Monsieur, With these Rocher you are really spoiling us!” ( You can watch it here, it’s a classic!)

Well, that’s how I feel about Truth hair, because at the moment I definitely feel like Mr Hawks is spoiling us and then some. He’s released another FOUR styles this week  and I’m wobbling with excitement! (Alas I could only splurge on one due to the blinking car failing her MOT this morning..GAHHH) This one is ‘Kalista’ and it is a thing of beauty.

Regular readers will know about my Truth hair obsession ( there is NO cure)  and my tendency to refer to his new streak-enhanced styles as ‘Bacon Hair’, because they’re streaky and nommable.

(I know, in my mind you’re thinking “Dear Lord, what a wit! Mark Twain and Charles Dickens must be shaking in their tombs!” when actually you’re thinking “Lame..” Just humour me ok? You should be used to it by now.. ) Well, this takes meaty hairstyles up a notch. This isn’t JUST Bacon Hair my friends, this is the finest bacon, probably sourced from golden happy pigs and oak smoked by pixies or some other woodland Fae folk because we’ve moved on from not one but TWO sets of streaks that change colour !!! YAYYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY!! GET IN!

As you can see it looks bloody fantastic. You can really co-ordinate your look just that little bit more and beeven more amazing than usual with just the click of a coupl of buttons on a fuss, no hassle and it makes Ferrero Rocher look like dust covered-weasel pissballs, if there is such a phenomenom. ( A delicacy in some quarters, so I hear)

So, go and check out ‘Kalista’ on Truth’s blog, and follow the links to that style and Rylan, Rylan 2 and Layla (epic name, epic bunches!) and click on each to buy them at XStreet, thus avoiding the store-scrummage.  Personally I feel it is high time he was knighted for services to hair.

Sir Truth, we are not worthy to lick your boots and I for one salute you! ( MOAR BACON HAIRRR PLEASE!!!!)

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