Haven’t posted much since Friday, and for that I apologise, but I’ve been catering to my burgeoning bunny collective!
I’ve gone from two bunnies to TEN, yes TEN, of which I will post more later and it’s terrific fun,  but I had to share this look with you so bad that I’ve left my bunny exploits behind for now. As you can see  I’m wearing a splendiferous bikini from PIG and I absolutely adore it. There’s no way you could wear this in real life because the tan lines would be just horrific, but I really rate the detail and fit of this beautiful ‘Hortensia’ bikini.  I’m wearing the Aubergine shade, which looks especially lovely against the amber stones in this wonderful ‘La Brie’ jewellery set from CAD & TART.  (If you’re a group member you also get a pair of matching sandals)
I often wear bangles to cover the nasty wrist joints that always cause a problem for me in Second Life  photographs and I am forever wearing my ‘Mineral’ bangle set, so I’m really pleased to have some new additions to my collection, and they are of course beautifully textured and designed.
Finally I also want to mention my eyeshadow; the purple shade that I am wearing is part of a ten-pack from GLAMORIZE called ‘Glitzy’, and it costs just TEN LINDENS!!  It’s an absolute bloody bargain, a bunch of glittery eye colours that work on the new tattoo layer in viewer 2.0.  These are tons of fun especially because they add new colour to existing skins and make plain skins look uber-stunning.  The skin incidentally was a group freebie from TULI only available at Icon, with lips that have been coloured so beautifully that they look dewy and oh so moist and nommy.  The eyes were quite plain so this ‘Glitzy’ make up in purple has really vamped up the look.
Oh, and yes I am still wearing the TRUTH hair that I squeed about in my previous post.  I really have no idea how he’s going to better it, but seeing as he usually releases all his newness on a Thursday these days we won’t have long to wait to find out. I’ll be sure to share with you of course!

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