Remembering With Love My Friend Dee..

Remembering With Love My Friend Dee..

Two years already gone petal.

It feels so strange that you aren’t here, and only yesterday that you were, even though that’s sadly not the case.
I think about you every day: there are photos of you all over in both RL and SL, and even though the pain of losing you isn’t as raw as it once was I still miss you desperately.
I was laughing today at stuff we used to do, for example when we couldn’t stop saying ‘I Love Lamp’, and I saw some new varieties of Nag Champa incense and immediately thought ‘Oooh! Dee would love that!’ Don’t even get me started on the Ozimals bunnies, you’d have gone chuffing potty over them:) In fact SL has changed so much but I know you would have been so active in it and doing so many
things..I’m pretty sure I would have found it hard to keep up.
I love it that I can remember our conversations and laughs and the things you loved (and hated) because when I see certain things I can recall what your reaction would be, and that helps keep you around for me.

I’ll be lighting a candle for you and some Nag Champa, your fave, next to your photo and saying a wee prayer of thanks for the fact that I had you as my beloved friend, and even though you are gone I am forever grateful for the time that we shared.
You lit up so many lives Dionne and those flames that will never be extinguished, just like the star in the sky above us that bears your name. Love you Dee xxx

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