Stay Gold…

Stay Gold…

Yes, I know what you’re thinking….you’re thinking “Kitty, where the chuff have you been?”

I’ll explain all that later, but right now I’m squealing with excitement over a number of things so let me tell you about these first before I spontaneously combust with excitement, OK?

Right ho-number one. ARMIDI IS HAVING A SALE!!!

Get up off the floor, dust yourself down and read that again, YES, ARMIDI ARE HAVING A SALE!! Apparently it’s deluged with punters, obviously, so here’s the good bit: YOU CAN SHOP ARMIDI ONLINE! Yes, did you not know? /me slaps you around the chops.
Quit getting hysterical; for the moment  you can buy all Armidi’s stock online and here’s the best part ever…


The website is:

I logged in to find a lovely Linden balance that I had forgotten all about from back in the day (epic win!) which meant shopping happy for Kitty! I’ve bought some dresses (to replace ones that I lost in my huge inventory loss, remember that?) and some flat pumps and some separates and I basically laughed in a maniacal style as I purchased from the comfort of my desktop knowing that there’s going to punch-ups and all sorts of drama going down at the Armidi store…sometimes being smug rules:)
*There are rumours flying around that this is actually a closing down sale-I’ve seen no evidence on the website to suggest that but hey, what do I know? ( Well, I DO know that you’d be a fool to miss out on splendid items like this, the Armidi Gisaci Square Cut Linen Mini (Gold) and the equally dazzling Armidi Gisaci Sasche Flats ( also in Gold)

Once I’d finished being all clever, I hopped over to Ticky Tacky to find some nice dangly things to accesorise my look. I don’t think I praise this store enough so right now I’m going to start. It’s a fabulous, quirky and overwhelmingly original jewellery store that you MUST visit. (Kittyfact: Each time I hear the name I remember hearing in-world a very odd song sung by a seemingly elderly woman describing a ‘ticky-tacky’. If you’ve ever heard it you’ll know what I mean, but whenever I visit that song appears in my head and consequently drives me right round the chuffing twist. Incidentally I don’t believe I was at Ticky Tacky when I heard it…) Anyway, they have some utterly wondrous items in their rather gorgeous main store which is at Gaylord @ Starlust.
When you visit, because you would be silly not to, be sure to take your time and go around the entire store because there are some extremely beautiful jewellery sets out for sale as well as some bargain essentials such as a gold and silver hoop earring set for a Linden. (An inventory essential if ever there was one!) They also do a cracking line in bangles: as I’ve said before I MUST have bangles/jewellery to hide the manky wrist bones that we’re all blessed with in SL because they drive me mad, and Ticky Tacky have an awesome selection.

Incidentally the necklace that I’m wearing is a special today as part of the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ sales event. It’s called ‘Undercover Lover’ and costs a measly L$40 for the next 24 hours (Actually you have much less time than that I am afraid seeing as I’m only just blogging it!)
It’s available in three awesome metal shades: Gold, Silver and Iron.

Ticky Tacky is also currently participating in the ‘Car Wash Cart Sale’. This bi-annual event takes it’s name from the Car Wash sim, and if you pop along you’ll find a vast array of items on offer for L$10 apiece. Quality does vary, but I picked up a few items while I was there, although in my opinion the Ticky Tacky and the Aqua stalls are probably the best of the lot.

Finally, I must mention the style that I am seriously rocking in these images. This hair is to absolutely bloody well die for…

It’s from CLAWTOOTH and the style is called ‘Louise Brooks’ and the shade is Softest Black. If you don’t know who Louise was, she was a silent era star and a style icon, plus OMD wrote a song about her too called ‘Pandora’s Box’ (Click to watch the video which features her, I’ve *always* been a fan. The picture above features Louise, wasn’t she a beauty?)

Anyway, the style was part of the Fifty Linden Friday offering this week, but even if it wasn’t I’d have snapped it up because it is a perfect bob. I LOVE the shape at the back: great care has been taken to create the effect of the bob shape and the clipped back and it works beautifully. I love hair that on first glance seems so simple, yet obviously took a lot of work to make it’s a proper ‘bobby dazzler’

I’ll get my coat…


Dress:  ARMIDI Square Cut Linen Mini (Gold)

Shoes: ARMIDI Gisaci ‘Sasche’Flats ( also in Gold)

Hair: CLAWTOOTH ‘Louise Brooks’

Shape: KITTYLICIOUS ‘Sophie’ (Coming Soon!)

Skin: LAQ ‘Elena’ (03-Cocoa)

Spectacles: DECO ‘Cat’s Meow’

Jewellery: TICKY TACKY Everyday Hoops in Gold, ‘Turbinado’ Glitter Bangle Set, ‘Undercover Lover’ necklace in Gold

Nails: EYE CANDI nail polish in Black

Eyes: SLINK  ‘Eyescream’ eyes in Light Brown

( SLURL’s to be added..if you’re in a hurry use search, apparently it’s been fixed..snigger..)

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