Bunny Auctions Are Go!

Bunny Auctions Are Go!

I’m pleased to share with you all a very exciting event that will be taking place this Sunday, 8th August.

Some friends and I have gotten together to create our very own auction house and our inaugural auction will take place at 12pm SLT (That’s 8pm UK time).

We’ve been to LOTS of auctions recently and enjoyed them for many different reasons, but all felt that there some ways that the experience could be made better, so with those thoughts in mind we’ve established a small yet prestigious location were we can hold our own auctions.

We hope these will prove to be fun events for the bunny community, and help owners gain good prices for their stock. Bunny breeding will only succeed and grow if people become enthused about auctions and buying bunnies, and that’s what we hope our auction house will do..we want it to enthuse you, make it easy for you to buy and sell and ultimately give you a nice evening out in Second Life!

Not only that but many auctions are US based, making it difficult for European buyers and sellers to attend. We hope to redress this balance by having auctions at times relevant to both the US and the UK.

Because it’s our first auction on Sunday we’re limiting it to ten posts only; but you can put a couple of lives or nests on each podium. It’s also TOTALLY FREE to enter and as you can imagine spaces are going VERY quickly!

If you’re interested please IM me, Altair Orellana OR Mo Lyle and request an entrance notecard which features full instructions..I really hope to see you there!! Bring Lindens, the bunnies are going to be corkers!

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