More FLF Goodness from Adore & Abhor

More FLF Goodness from Adore & Abhor

I don’t normally go for dresses in a big way, especially short ones with poofy skirts, but there was something about todays FLF offering from Adore and Abhor that just drew me in, and I am so glad that I bought it.

The dress is exceptionally easy to wear and screams for accessories,which makes it great fun when using the multiple layering options that we are now all blessed with in SL. With the frothy underskirt it’s the picture of elegance when teamed with some flat shoes and a funky necklace, like the one I’m wearing here (It’s my boho dangle owl necklace, a steal on X-Street at just L$180 for four different metal shades)
To finish I’m wearing one of the styles in the Tiny Bird FLF special, ‘Kissy-Kissy’ in red, and in the background you’ll see a beautiful mannequin that’s the FLF offering from Theosophy. I bought everything this week in FLF except the offerings from League and Katatonik.  All in all, I think it’s been a great first birthday event!

I’m getting a real Christina Hendricks vibe here…what do you think? ( Incidentally the pose is  from ‘With Love & Squalor’ as mentioned previously)

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