Darkley Aeon Shares Her Flaws…

Darkley Aeon Shares Her Flaws…

Darkley Aeon is holding an exhibition of her Second Life artworks in Tasogare at the moment and it really is a must see.

She creates stunning portraiture that really seems to catch emotion vividly upon the virtual canvas.Her exhibition is called ‘Flawed’ and features 10 portraits of the artist in various guises, using different effects to capture both a moment and a feeling within the frame. They’re breathtaking to see; some of them devoid of colour to make you feel detached from the piece, others bright and vivid, bold and unafraid.

I asked Darkley about her work. Why did she call the exhibition flawed for example? “I wanted 1 word, and it summed it up – everyone can be stunning in SL, its easy to be beautiful, I have a conventionally pretty shape, but I like to make it a bit darker through clothes, bad habits, scars” It’s true that Darkley is a stunning avatar, but it’s clear that her take on the Second Life fashion canvas is quite different from that of her peers. Her work shows great perspective and depth, and pieces such as ‘Gets In Your Ryes’ have a cinematic quality to them.

It must be difficult for an artist to select their favourite piece from their own works, but Darkley confirmed that she did indeed have one, the slightly poignant ‘We Are All Special Cases’ “It’s the oldest one here”, she said, “But I still love it. It’s a Camus quote, and I did the picture for it”

Not only is the work here accessible to view it’s easy to own too: the artist is charging a mere L$400 for a copy of each work making this exhibition an essential for all who want to hang quality artworks in their virtual homes.

Flawed’ runs from 6th August until 6th September.
You can TP by clicking HERE.

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