Taking the weight off…

Taking the weight off…

Mondays are such decidely ‘meh’ days don’t you think? I don’t know anyone who looks forward to them, and to be fair if I ever met someone who did I’d eye them with a serious amount of suspicion, for they would evidently be buffoons of the highest order. So, because it’s a ‘meh’ day I wanted something simple and straightforward to throw on whilst I updated my bunnies..oh yes, the joy of bunny updating. Bring it on…

Fortunately my Mondayitis was alleviated by Fri.day. Well, it would be wouldn’t it? But in this case I actually mean Fri.Day the store, because they’ve released some rather snazzy cami-combos and tees onto the grid this morning and they’re just all kinds of lush.
The tanks are called ‘Two-fer’ and feature a main tank body with a contrasting cami-peeking out from underneath. The colour choices and the texturing are fabulous and the pattern detailing on the under-vest especially excellent considering it’s embellishing something that is just peeking out and can only just be seen. Granted, this kind of top is undeniably simple to wear, but I love it when people make straightforward Second Life fashion items into something extra special just by taking the time to employ the right textures and elements. They’ve also released a range of cinematic tees featuring classic movie images. I’m not featuring them here but there’s a rather wonderful selection featuring a vast array of classic cinema stars. If you’re a friend of Dorothy’s then you may need to pop along and pick up the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ tee. I got myself the ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ tee because it would have been totally wrong not to!

To complete the look I’m wearing my much beloved Tegryn summer scarf from Theosophy. I’m obsessed with these scarves after I won one in a gatcha, and Trace, the designer, must be blinking fed up of me pestering about them continually..BUT..joy of joys the gatcha is now situated in the Theosophy main store and for L$35 a pop you can get yourself one too. They are transfer if you get a few of the same, but they are ruddy fabulous and I can’t stop wearing them at the moment, they go with everything, so the gatcha is well worth a pop.

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