Witchy Wednesday – Hatpins presents a perfect circlet…

Witchy Wednesday – Hatpins presents a perfect circlet…

I’m surely not the only one to have noticed that the nights are starting to draw in again and there’s a wee chill in the air indicating the forthcoming arrival of Autumn. As a Pagan my favourite festivals are those that take place around the harvest time. I think this is mainly because I was born in September, so of course I’m a Virgo, with my birth sign often represented by Demeter bearing a sheaf of corn in her arms. It’s a wonderful time of year, and one that I’ve seen beautifully celebrated in Second Life in the past.

But of course at a ceremony (as well as the intent) the outfit is all, and what would a Priestess be without a circlet that befits the season? Well, as you can see I’ve found a belter, and it’s part of the 69 Linden Wednesday offering from Hatpins. It’s called ‘Branwen’, and comes in two variations: the Autumnal version that I’m sporting here and an altogether more Spring-like number in fresh blues, mauves and pinks.  It’s a gorgeous piece of work;  if you look closely there are lillies, roses and leaves tinted to the shades of the season and it’s a rare bargain indeed.

This was my first visist to Hatpins; not being especially into hats I’ve never had much reason to troll over there and have a gander, but it’s actually awash with awesome headwear and stylish hats, caps and bonnets and is well worth a bijou lookette if that’s your kind of thing. Failing that, just fly over and get this for your Mabon celebrations (Yes, I know we’re over a month away but you don’t want to miss it!) To complete the look I’m wearing a freshly released Truth hairstyle, ‘Trinity‘, and it’s a wholesome, streak-free beauty that perfectly frames the face and looks very appropriate when worn with Witchy attire, and it works beautifully with the circlet…nom!

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