Witchy Wednesday – Hatpins presents a perfect circlet…

I’m surely not the only one to have noticed that the nights are starting to draw in again and there’s a wee chill in the air indicating the forthcoming arrival of Autumn. As a Pagan my favourite festivals are those that take place around the harvest time. I think this is mainly because I was born in September, so of course I’m a Virgo, with my birth sign often represented by Demeter bearing a sheaf of corn in her arms. It’s a wonderful time of year, and one that I’ve seen beautifully celebrated in Second Life in the past.

But of course at a ceremony (as well as the intent) the outfit is all, and what would a Priestess be without a circlet that befits the season? Well, as you can see I’ve found a belter, and it’s part of the 69 Linden Wednesday offering from Hatpins. It’s called ‘Branwen’, and comes in two variations: the Autumnal version that I’m sporting here and an altogether more Spring-like number in fresh blues, mauves and pinks.  It’s a gorgeous piece of work;  if you look closely there are lillies, roses and leaves tinted to the shades of the season and it’s a rare bargain indeed.

This was my first visist to Hatpins; not being especially into hats I’ve never had much reason to troll over there and have a gander, but it’s actually awash with awesome headwear and stylish hats, caps and bonnets and is well worth a bijou lookette if that’s your kind of thing. Failing that, just fly over and get this for your Mabon celebrations (Yes, I know we’re over a month away but you don’t want to miss it!) To complete the look I’m wearing a freshly released Truth hairstyle, ‘Trinity‘, and it’s a wholesome, streak-free beauty that perfectly frames the face and looks very appropriate when worn with Witchy attire, and it works beautifully with the circlet…nom!

Oh So Sophia!

Chigadee London, the creative force behind ‘Couture Chapeau’ is hosting a retrospective of fashion worn by Sophia Loren. Sophia is a living breathing fashion icon and even though she must be 102 by now she still looks wonderful. At this point I have to be honest, and tell you that although I recognise the influence that Ms Loren has had on high fashion I cannot get over her penchant for wearing fur, which makes it very hard for me to be subjective about the subject at hand. Fortunately, Chigadee has concentrated on hats and they are quite simply excellent. Chigadee has chosen some particularly famous photographs of Ms Loren and created virtual copies of her headwear for you all to enjoy. In this quick snap I’m wearing a demo of my fave from the collection, but as you can see the most striking (and perhaps most famous) hat is the ginormous red number behind me. Chigadee is going to be featuring other famous stars and their headwear over the summer, so if hats are your thing then use this taxi and zoom on over tothe store and catch a peek at this very clever collection.