Little beauties!

Little beauties!

A bit spesh these two..I hope they make me some beautiful babies!!
Talking bunny business and it must be said that one of the most fun things about bunny ownership is kindling nests. It takes an hour, and it’s always tense in the last few moments of kindling. This is because although you know all the details about your bunny’s breed, eye colour, ear-style and shade, you don’t know whether it’s going to be a male or female. It’s a real case of rabbit pot luck, but not in the bunny boiling sense.  I always tend to adore the bunnies I kindle from the offset, but if you find yourself kindling nests and being over-run by one particular sex, then putting a bunny in an auction may be a good idea.

Myself, Altair and Mo held an auction just over a week ago and it was a roaring success. We had ten spots at the auction and sold every nest and live that was submitted and best of all it was so much fun! I even made some tips, with which I was utterly delighted with! The idea behind establishing the auction was that we’d be able to cater to the European and US bunny markets due to our actual physical locations in RL ( Both Altair and Mo are US based, whereas I am of course UK) With success ringing in our ears we started to work towards our next auction.
Alas, the tides were against us, because the owners of the sim upon which Mo and Altair reside decided that auctions were not allowed, despite their land being advertised as open to accomodating small business.  Therefore, plans for the auction house were put on hold as Ally and Mo scoured Second Life to find a suitable new base…

..and fortunately they’ve found a corker.  I think it’s fated actually; the place they are now renting upon is called ‘Alexandrite Island’ and when you consider that one of the gem eye colours of Ozimal bunnies is..well, take a couldn’t be more perfect could it?

I’m pleased to announce therefore that our SECOND (woot!) auction is going to take place upon Monday 16th August at 3pm SLT (that’s 11PM UK) As before it’s small but perfectly formed, with ten podiums (nine actually, I’m putting a few nests in myself) and you can place two nests or two lives per podium.  We’re charging a very small fee of L$10 per podium this time, refundable upon a no-sale. That said, don’t be thinking you’ll be getting it back as there aren’t going to be any no-sales, OK?

So, if you’re interested drop by the auction house in SL, OR contact myself, Mo Lyle or Altair Orellana for a submission form.

I promise you will have a great time, and we look forward to having you sell your bunnies with us!

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