Xander and Ling are just (sorta) Kitty’s thing!

Xander and Ling are just (sorta) Kitty’s thing!

Got dropped a few new items by Pink Outfitters this weekend to take a look at..and I really do like them very much.

That said, to me they don’t work as an outfit together (although I’m not sure that’s the intention anyway) and there is an issue, albeit a slight one with the top.

But first of all let me tell you what I do like about the ‘Ling’ sheer jersey top. I love the colour options and the creasing. You know me, I’m a sucker for the creasing and it replicates a slightly draped jersey fabric look very well. BUT there are a few problems that could just be me being picky Kitty, but worth pointing out just the same.

The top is a one shoulder affair, and to me the part that goes over the shoulder is ever so slightly too wide..it doesn’t ‘sit’ comfortably on me, in fact it’s almost into my neck. It looks uncomfortable. I dunno about you but when I wear an item of clothing in SL I often go so far as to ‘imagine’ the fit and the feel, and alas, this one doesn’t look right. It would cut into my neck for sure. Sadly it’s also let down by some seriously fuzzy edge issues on the side of the shoulder strap too- there is a slight scalloping to the edges of the top, but on the front, just going over the shoulder it goes completely awry and looks pretty rough. It spoils the whole top, as the image below shows:

Solution? I don’t think you can effectively create draped, one-shoulder tops without prim attachments at the moment, so my advice would be to not bother..but make this a camisole and it would work beautifully..
What DOES work beautifully though are the Xander leggings. These are fabness, inspired by an item from Alexander Mcqueen’s collection. They look completely funky and work perfectly with short dresses, shorts and boots or just wearing on their own and being ever so slightly outrageous. London, the designer, states that these are hand drawn. Kudos then for such great pattern work and style. If you can create awesome leggings like these, then fixing the dodgy edging on the Ling top won’t be a problem at all. The ‘leggins’ ( as London refers to them) are available in black, white and pink and I think are a very worthwhile addition to your virtual wardrobe indeed. Stylish and funky, just what SL fashion is all about.

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