Kitty Quicky- if you buy two things this weekend…

Kitty Quicky- if you buy two things this weekend…

Cherokee Kitty, originally uploaded by =^..^=Kitty O’Toole =^..^=.

You need to make sure that it’s these two beauties!
I *could* have made a better job of this picture, but it’s a quicky because I just HAD to share the amazing top I picked up as part of FLF this week. It’s from Ty Zevezda and it’s my new favourite top-not only because it’s the best sculpted top of it’s kind that I’ve seen upon the grid, but also because you get THREE SIZES in the pack-small, medium and large. At last a designer that recognises that not all Second Life avatars are the same shape!
I’m also showing off one of the latest hairstyles from Mr Hair-himself aka Truth. It’s called Aiyana and it’s the quintessential native American hairdo, with perfect plaits and fabulous colour-change feathers. The packs even include face paint to complete the look!
I LOVE it- it will look great when I’m riding my horses on the grid:)
Finally, a nod to my skin du jour ( I’ve been wearing it since launch day to be honest) it’s called ‘Nellie’ from LAQ and I think it’s LAQ’s best yet. I adore the skins from that store-they’re always so deliciously created with wonderful make-up options and priced really brilliantly too. A must have.

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