KITTYRANT: Linden Labs Epic Fail YET again…

You know, I really don’t understand the decisions made by our evil overlords sometimes.

I HAD hoped that with M Linden’s hasty departure and the return of good ol’ free-thinking Phil that things would improve, but shoot me now for being an infernal optimist, things seem to be going on a steady downward spiral yet again.

For starters there’s the current state of the grid; rezzing, TP’ing, inventory issues, in fact EVERYTHING has been nigh on impossible over the past few days. Second Life has been grinding to a halt and we’ve had no explanations as to why.

And now the news that the Educators and Not-For-Profit organisations have been effectively ass-raped by the labs decision to increase pricing and cease discounted rates for these parties.

That is one HUGE almighty bollock that the lab have dropped, and I don’t really need to say it as so many others already have, but Linden Labs you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Philip Linden, I expected better from you.

There’s some great feedback on the official forums from some people who are implicated by all of these changes. Many will leave and go to Open Sim; others will just give up their projects altogether. It would be interesting to see where the blame for all this lies, surely M Linden didn’t lavish all of Linden lab’s coffers on stupid ideas and crazy-assed schemes? Seriously?

There’s a school of thought that suggests these changes are being introduced to raise funds to offset the introduction of the teen grid to Second Life. Well the solution is simple; don’t do it. Sorry if that seems harsh, but why do we need to have the teen grid merged with the adult grid- can’t we keep something for mature audiences to enjoy? I’m not saying that because I like the idea of seeing naked avatars indulging in gratuitous acts all over the grid, that’s not my bag at all, I’m just saying it as someone who doesn’t see why we have to have the two grids merge. There are plenty of virtual environments aimed at teens that they use much more than Second Life, IMVU for instance, so why can’t they just enjoy that? In fact I haven’t met anyone yet who thought the grid merge is a good idea..yet again a case of Linden Lab NOT listening. If they scrapped this merger idea then perhaps the NFP organisations and Educational centres in-world wouldn’t have to find extra monies to support their projects at a time when the global recession is hitting educators hardest.

Here’s a thought; instead of wasting money on ideas and functions that nobody wants or needs (Display names anyone? What a joke) try stabilising the functionality of the grid and making that your priority, and don’t penalise your supporters working in Education and the NFP sector who have kept the faith and stuck with you through thick and thin..

Read all the comments in response to this story on the official blog HERE ; it makes for interesting reading all round.