Heads Up..Halloween Spooktacular begins TOMORROW!

Heads Up..Halloween Spooktacular begins TOMORROW!

17th October sees ‘The Knitting Circle’ bring a ‘Halloween Spooktacular’ to the grid, and I can’t wait!

I couldn’t get in cos of ban lines..grrr..so I took a sneaky shot of the beautiful build to share with you all, BUT it didn’t work.  But just so that you know, there is going to be amazingness from Atomic, Tyranny, Pink Fuel, Eat Rice, Ploom, Mustache, Kyoot, Epoque, O!Bleak, It’s Cake, RBCG, Whippet & Buck..gosh can you say excited?!!! I’ll post more details when it opens tomorrow but I am sure looking forward to this one!

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