Just eyes. You Nexus, huh? I design your eyes…

Eyes are the windows to the soul and you can get some amazingly beautiful eyes in Second Life, as well as some totally crummy ones.

Everyone in-world has a favourite eye designer, my own eyes of choice being created by Miriel (Sadly, no longer in-world) and SLink. But it’s always nice to have a change, and I’ve just found a totally groovy eye designer on the marketplace (Yes, that hideous, new-fangled marketplace that Linden Lab saw fit to replace the perfectly reasonable old marketplace with) that I have to share with you because I think the eyes are rather spesh!

Anime Eyes- Grey (L$15)

The designer is called Snow Frostwych, the brand is called quite sweetly, ‘By Snow’ ( up all night thinking of a name there obviously!) and she makes specialist eyes amongst other items. But not only are the eyes just brilliant quality, they’re also scarily cheap, from L$1 a pair! Yup, you read that right, just ONE linden, which is bugger all. Her range at the moment features anime, cat and specialist halloween and spooky eyes and is well-worth a looksy if you’re looking for some new peepers to flutter at all the boys (or girls) Check out her work here..good isn’t it?

Crimson Cat Eyes (L$15)

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