Babe in the woods…

Babe in the woods…


As we’re fast approaching Samhain you may well be thinking about attire for your ritual or event, or perhaps considering buying  an extra special gown to wear for roleplay or for an Autumnal celebration?

PIXEL DOLLS has stepped up to the mark with the release of the ‘Diane’ dress in a number of colourways, but heads up gals, there’s a FREEBIE version in festive Halloween shades of rich red and fiery orange!
It’s a stunner of a gown too, consisting or a strapless shift with a vine motif that sits on the arms, as well as an outer jacket and over-skirt that turn this into a more formal, substantial gown.

It’s an absolute feast of a frock, and a fabulous freebie, no doubt about it.

Because you’ve saved money on a dress you may want to consider purchasing a substantial necklace to wear with it, and if so I have the PERFECT suggestion…this wee beauty from SABLE ROSE. For a mere L$200 you can be the prod owner of this astonishingly beautiful Autumn necklace, which features various leaves and flowers in seasonal tones, mixed in with some co-ordinating beads and assorted other nicies. I don’t really need to describe to you how utterly fabulous this is; I’ll just let the picture speak for itself (Click to see a LARGE version of this image that helps you to truly appreciate the necklace..yes they are my boobies. Stop that.)

Isn’t it a sensation? (Oh, and if you visit the store to buy before the end of October, be sure to hit up the Midnight Mania board.  There’s a special Halloween edition of the necklace featuring skulls and purple lillies that you mustn’t miss! The MM board only needs fifty hits to lockdown, so make sure you take your friends!)

To finish this look off I opted for the LAQ skin in ‘Nellie’ (Shade is Nougat, number 10) and hair by the ever-amazing TRUTH. This is one of the weeks new releases called ‘Robyn’ in the Crow shade, a simple, straightforward style brought to life by a jagged, kick-flare fringe.

I know it’s a modern style, but the juxtaposition of modern hair against this classic gown actually works really well. Oh, and of course it doesn’t detract from this amazing necklace….

An amazing Autumn combination, don’t you agree?

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