Breedable Blatherings: Bunnies Ahoy!


I just had to share this picture with you, cute isn’t it?

Not only does it feature me and a few of my esteemed hoppers, but it also features the BEST Witch Hat on the grid this year. It’s by Sookie Slafford, she of ‘Jolly Farms’ fame and it’s to die for, with great sculpt work and bunny ears to boot!

Better still, it’s just L$100 which is bugger all in the grand scheme of things and will win you many an admiring glance if you venture out to any Halloween hospitality this year! Click here to go to the marketplace and buy one:)
So, what’s with the bunnies you may be asking? Well, it’s been an interesting time in the world of  Breedables of late. As you may have seen I posted a bit of a rant about Ozimals, the bunny creators recently, and since I posted that I must say that I’ve been impressed at recent improvements in communications and actions, so much so that I am starting to regain some of my lost faith. It would seem the bunny business in general feels the same way too, there are still bunny auctions on the grid and they are starting to increase in number again,  and following the most recent update I am sure that we will be seeing even more buying and selling activity as the new shades start to kick in.

Ozimals did say that new traits would be slower to filter through, and that is proving to be correct too. I’ve managed to just breed a new eye ( Sunrise) into my hopping herd, but I have to say I’m not actually that keen! I still prefer my beautiful gem eyes with their wee twinkle. I’ve not seen many Sparrow eyes on the grid yet either, which were the selling point of the recent ‘Luv Pack’ promo, run with Linden Labs. After initial misgivings I actually now think this promo has proven to be a good move on Ozimals part; it’s brought a LOT of new punters in, it keeps people in the game hungry to breed and most important of all, retains interest in a market that is slowly getting jam-packed with all kinds of breedables, more of which I will tell you about later.
Final point to note, with Halloween being a huge event in Second Life it was only fitting that Ozimals would bring out some special buns to celebrate, and they haven’t disappointed at all. The elites are amazing; there’s a Jack-O-Lantern, Vampire, Mummy, Frankenstein and Candy Corn bunny and each one has been beautifully textured. A lot of people are kindling like mad to see if they have got lucky, but I don’t have as many bunnies these days so my chances aren’t as great as those of other people. I kindled three nests last night and sadly wasn’t blessed;  as I write this I’m kindling another two, but point to note; because I have cropped my herd and am only breeding certain traits into my hoppers, I am guaranteed beautiful bunnies regardless of whether they’re elites or not, and for that I cannot complain.

That’s right, I STILL refuse to Bunnybury, preferring instead to ‘retire’ hoppers to a folder called ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ and wake them up as and when needed, which is normally when one of my existing hoppers reaches retirement age. The thrill of nest kindling is something that still excites me, and I think it always will! Even if I don’t get a home-bred Halloween Hopper this year, I could always try and win one. The picture at the top of this post was going to be my entry into the 2010 Ozimals Scarefest Photo Contest, but on reflection I realised it wasn’t actually scary…so I tried again:

THIS is my entry; so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

The prize is a complete set of this year’s Halloween Elite hoppers, and seeing as I don’t think my buns are going to bless me with anything spectacular this year I’m desperate to win the competition!

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