Blessed Bunnies Halloween Extravaganza!

Blessed Bunnies Halloween Extravaganza!

Everything you could possibly need to make your hoppers happy, nay ecstatic, this Halloween is available to buy from Blessed Bunnies this weekend!
There’s a fantastic array of witchy paraphernalia sized to fit your wee charges, including a variety of hats, brooms, cauldrons and wands. You’ll also find an utterly fantastic selection of gem-eyed nests, all ready to take home and kindle.

Even better- there’s a LUCKY DIP and you could win..a SILVER MARTEN BLACK!! (Specifically a Silver Marten Black, light brown eyes, lop ears and Classic shade!)

There are also Opal eye nests in there, as well as Moonlight, Aphotic and Dusky shades and a rather special Silver Marten Blue with Blue eyes and moonlight shade! I’ve shoved a TON of stuff in there for you to grab!

Every nest in my lucky dip is an absolute beauty and registered on, and there are new warren parent offspring in there too! Best part?! IT’S FREEEEE!!!!

While you await your turn at the lucky dip, may I interest you in some of the nests I have for sale? There are some stunners for sure, so please take your time and have a browse! Each one reasonably priced and practically all of them have gem eyes..cos I like them best..ssshhh!!!

I’ve also got an elder of refreshment as well as a few euphorias waiting to go home and boost the stats of your hoppers; but even better than that I have some superb Halloween themed hoppers, freshly hatched, for you to take home and love to death..MUHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Take a look at these tempting wee scoundrels!

*PERFECT Vampire ( The lady IS a Vamp!)

“Countess Dracula”
Fur: Havana Black
Eyes: Garnet
Ears: Lop Ears
Shade: Radiant

*”Demonica” A fabulous glowing Demon lady-hopper!!

Fur: Silver Marten Blue
Eyes: Garnet
Ears: Upright
Shade: Twilight

*”Infector” So called because of the yellow eyes and hint of the supernatural because of the Moonlight glow…..

Fur: Havana Black (RETIRED)
Eyes: Citrine
Ears: Upright
Shade: Moonlight

*”Lady Deathstrike” One of my special ‘death’ fur, black eyes AND dusky shade…a dark omen, but a funky one at that! I LOVE THESE!

Fur: Havana Black ( RETIRED)
Eyes: Onyx
Ears: Upright
Shade: Dusky

Last but NOT least…….

*The Ghoul* This is SUCH a special bunny! I squeed when I birthed him because, well, come and see for yourself. He sure as hell looks Ghoulish!

Fur: Argent Creme d’Argent
Eyes: Onyx
Ears: Half-a-Lop
Shade: Twilight

Plus much, much more in store!! Come along and get your ‘Halloween Happy’ on! CLICK HERE to go straight to the good stuffs!


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