Who lives in a house like this?

Who lives in a house like this?


Well, that would be me:)

This is my home; the ‘Redsoledrea’ by ABODE ( AKA Aya Liotta) and I love it to bits. It’s just so beautifully textured and looks utterly radiant against my backdrop of Autumnal trees and I am pretty darn convinced it will look just as dandy surrounded by snowmen and all my  Christmas hoopla.

I share it with my SL/RL Dad- he needs a base in-world and this is perfect for the occasions he actually logs in. (I’m more constant in world, it must be said, but then he is old and Scottish..)
Just one small problem: I’ve decided I need it to be a wee bit bigger. In fact, I want a second floor, so I’ve just written my first ever begging letter in Second Life. It’s made me feel dirty, but in a GOOD way. So Aya, I hope you are reading this, probably in shock, bemusement and perhaps a bit of apprehension? Don’t tworry- I’m not a mad stalker, I just want to share my epic love for my Second Life home that you made…

..and now I want a bigger one:)


Too see pictures of my home in world click here for my Flickr set!

UPDATE: No Goose for Tiny Tim this year alas, Aya has advised me that she won’t be remodelling the Redsoledrea because such changes would require a full overhaul. However, she has said that she is going to be working on larger homes, so hopefully I’ll find something similar with the same beautiful textures inside that will meet my needs.  Watch this space!

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