Bright Pets Launch FIRST Breedable Cat In Second Life

Bright Pets Launch FIRST Breedable Cat In Second Life

And no, it’s not the one you were expecting..I hadn’t even heard of these until today, and straight away that’s an issue, because both Krazy Kitties and Wildwood Breedables have comprehensive websites with forums. In fact when I asked I was told that information was available via a notecard in-store, and a group available to join, but the website was NOT up and running ( I checked: is a blank page)

This is a concern; if I’m going to buy a breedable I want a website from day one that I can refer to for support and post to. In fact this all strikes me as a rush-job to be in with a chance of gaining a foot-hold into the market before the other cats are released, and this fear was reaffirmed when after closer inspection of the notecard I saw that it kept making reference to piggy’s, which was slightly disconcerting. I then realised this was because these are the creation of Brighton Merryman,who launched the first breedable pig into Second Life earlier this year. An experienced AI creator then.But considering what is being released it isn’t a launch with bells and whistles on. The sim isn’t packed to bursting with avatars, in fact..I visited a few time and tha max niumber of avvies in store at one point was 4 ( at another point it was like a one ariound but me) To be honest this launch doesn’t have the feel of an Ozimals or Amaretto release,there’s no buzz, which again indicates to me people didn’t know these were coming and that there hasn’t been enough excitement generated about the end product. This could potentially be a HUGE blow to the success of this breedable, and after his previous pet forays in world you would have thought that Brighton knew that marketing is all, but let’s not be too harsh. This is after all a big achievement- Brighton has released the first breedable cat in Second Life history onto the grid and he’s beaten the competition hands down in getting his product out there, but is it any good?

The ‘Bright Pets’ store is sparsely decorated and pretty basic in appearance. It’s kitted out (ho ho!) with all sorts of breedable essentials on the walls and at the rear of the store are the packs of kitties themselves. But my main prerogative was to see these cats; were they worthy of wearing the breedable cat crown?  My first impressions were…well, they look a tad strange. Not Krazy Kitty mental colours, but not Wildwood handsome either, kind of somewhere in-between…ish. (Well, if you’ve had ten pints and your vision is a tad buggered)


They have HUGE alien-like eyes that are too large for their faces, although one redeeming feature is that the eyes feature some lovely colour variations. The textures upon the coats, whilst better than the Krazy Kitties, need to be improved because the brushwork on some of the hides seems a little too pronounced, but it was nice to see fa ew different breeds out on display in the store, although there should be more cats out for people to look at. ( When I visited there were only five, one of which was asleep) On to motion, and it must be said that these moggies walk with a highly curious gait. I was then struck by another factor- they have ENORMOUS feet; which emphasises the walking animation in a highly unflattering manner. I don’t know if they can be held but the sleeping animation seemed very sweet, but I didn’t seem them sitting while I was there. I have to be honest, I wasn’t sold on my first visit. However, appearance is something that can be changed in due course, and it should be pointed out that these cats have a dazzling array of options that will make them very attractive to the Second Life breedable obsessive.
They are auto-updated, which means no totems or transporting a large flock to a sandbox to update. They have a 0.018 script time which means they have one of the lowest lag potentials of any breedable on the grid. A HUGE selling point will be the built-in family registry, essential when you have 60000 (So they claim) variations of kittys that can be bred; something that will really appeal to the genetics enthusiasts with their spreadsheets and pedigree notecards. Yes, you read right: 60000. This is a mind boggling statistic, and of course there will be rare breeds too.
So what else do you need to know? Well, there are 5 diets available for the cats: Starve, Low, Medium, High and Special. Why starve is an option I have no idea, but you must be feeding at least a medium diet for the cats to breed. Taking a cat into inventory for 60 days will cause it to go into a coma, from which they can die (best not to do that then) so vigilance is a must. Like Ozimals, food is not only a factor in breeding but also has an impact upon the status they achieve when they reach old age. A kitty can become a senior of relationship, happiness, energy, hygiene, hunger and thirst. All very similar to Ozimals bunnies then, as is the fact that the better the food that they have consumed, the more chance they have of getting ‘Senior Of Legend’ status, which gives a 1% stats boost in all attributes to all the kitties nearby.

Cats must enter into a partnership to breed, and like the horses you can break partnerships at anytime. Pregnancy, provided I’ve read the notecard correctly, takes ONE HOUR, but the requirements are stringent:
Age: 7+
Happiness: 65%+
Relationship: 99%+
Energy: 50%+
Hygene: 50%+
Medium, High or Special Diet
Not have had partner in last 7 days

Now I wanted to tell you about a few other factors, such as the necessity to keep your cat clean and the coat varieties, BUT the notecard kept referring to piggies in these parts. As I said before, not only is this disconcerting, it’s also very sloppy. This notecard should have been proof-read because it doesn’t give a good impression; in fact I am beginning to wonder if these breedables are actually pigs in cat’s clothing? I don’t know the answer to that as I was never a pig breeder in-world, but certainly indicators are there to suggest that there are many similarities between these two products.

So, do I think these will be successful? Well, I stand by my assumption from the evidence presented that these pets have been rush-released. I can understand the panic however, creating objects such as these takes an absolute age so gaining a foothold into the market is essential from day one. I think that they have qualities different to their competitors and I think they will garner a following, but I don’t think that this audience will be as big as that of the Wildwood Cats. The Brightpets Kitty’s aren’t as aesthetically pleasing to my tastesas others , but I think the variety of breeding combos, low lag and no-update features will win fans.
However, this does make me think of those poor Krazy Kitties. It would appear that the release of these Brightpets is yet another nail in their coffin, and it’s time to act now if they don’t want all their hard work to have been wasted.

A final thought; can the grid cope with THREE breedable cat brands? No, I don’t think it can, nor should it. Too many breedable animals is one thing ( and trust me, the variety out there will increase in 2011) but too many of the same species is really cutting it a bit fine. I think that this is a battle where only one winner will reign supreme.

Brightpets have snuck in and struck an early blow..can Krazy Kitties and Wildwood Breedables respond in kind?

To Purchase visit the Bright Pets Sim HERE

  • A Brightpets One kitty starter pack, containing 1 week of provisons and a bathing sponge costs L$295
    • A Kitty Pair Pack costs L$595.
    • A super pack containing 10 kitties is avalable for L$ includes five free kitties , a love potion and two Mochas. ( Yes, these cats like a coffee!)

17 thoughts on “Bright Pets Launch FIRST Breedable Cat In Second Life

  1. Well, having read all of that and looking at the pics, i know where my money will be going… There is still only one viable option for breedable cats in SL for me and thats Wildwood…


  2. I believe a correction should be made about these new cats. They are not first breedable cats in sl. I believe Krazy Kittys have taken that title already.


    1. Actually no because Wildwood was advertising way before Krazy Kittys, then these came along. Kitty Otoole is correct though, since these are released they are considered the first on the grid to be made for public sale. Now it’s a matter of which will win the heart of the markets!


  3. Sateeva420,
    Wildwood Breedables and Krazy Kitties ARE IN BETA. This means that they are not yet available to purchase and breed upon the grid yet. The Brightpets Breedable Cat IS the first to be released for sale so therefore claims the mantle of being the first breedable cats ON SALE in Second Life…


  4. HiKitty,
    I understand this is your blog but i will have to strongly disagree with you in your opinion. I know for a fact there are hundreds of people that own Krazy Kittys. I heard there are over 2000 of them on the grid so technically, Krazy Kittys were first to hit the public. I think whether or not they are paid for or given as testers has no bearing on who is first. So, IMHO Krazy Kittys were here first.


  5. Krazy Kittys was first to be in beta perhaps, but first to hit the public for actual SELL?


    Krazy Kittys as well as Wildwood are still in beta. Brightpets are obviously first to be released to the public for sell.


  6. I agree, i was first to buy this kitty and although a lil shaky start i was immediately impressed with how much functions there is, the family tree is great and FREE!
    I have never seen a pet in sl with so much interaction yet alone a breedable!
    I would reccomend anyone to support this kitty, 10/10!


    1. Oh, do elaborate on your pets, BreedMe! I’d love to buy myself virtual kitties when I can easily find/afford them, but with real-world obligations, getting into the breeding aspect would have to be secondary. Thus it would be nice to get a clear idea of what else each kind of kitty can do… =^_^=


  7. Sateeva420 Chronisz, it’s NOT an opinion, it’s a FACT that Krazy Kitties are STILL IN BETA. I know this because I AM A BETA TESTER. They may have been the first launched on the grid, but not in a purchasable capacity, so the crown goes to Brightpets for being the first on sale on the grid. Whilst Krazy Kitties are NOT ON GENERAL SALE at the moment,they’re actually looking for new applicants to help with Beta testing so perhaps you can apply?


    1. I noticed the improvements to these cats were trying to mimic Wildwood Breedables. I think Brightpets are trying hard to gain the market before the really amazing cats hit the grid. That actually being Wildwood in my opinion I can’t wait!


  8. Changed my mind! I saw the BrightPets kitties now, they look amazing!
    Built in family tree, amazing animations, and skins!

    Hats off to BrightPets, i know where I’ll be going!


  9. Yus, wildwood released and i must say how dissapointed I am!
    They said kitties, not foxes!
    They are VERY laggy, 0.90 script time in fact! Thats more than the damn bunny! I couldnt have 10 of these on my land if i wanted to!
    Bad job wildwood, too much hype for nothing!
    Goodluck, rock on BrightPets


  10. Very biased? No, not at all…I wrote what I thought and I stand by it.

    Tell you what IS funny though, how all these negative comments are coming from the same IP address…pffftttt.

    Sorry, Wildwoods are the clear leaders in the Second Life Cat craze. I’ve been and seen Brightpets again today actually, and I know I’ve made the right choice:)


  11. hello i wood to no what i have to do to make a Breedable pet’s bec have one that wat to build but i need some help to start up

    if you can help you can email me or im on sl at bulle47 abeyante

    love bulle47


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