Luna Jubilee’s Blogger Challenge-52 Weeks Of Colour #1 Grey

Luna Jubilee’s Blogger Challenge-52 Weeks Of Colour #1 Grey

I haven’t blogged anything clothing related for a wee while so a blogger challenge was just right for dipping my toe back into the virtual foot-bath of fashion writing.Making my way through all the murky toenail clippings and used corn-plasters I happened across the brilliant Luna Jubilee’s Blog, and she’s devised a rather fabulous plan to get us all blogging on a pretty regular basis.
We have to blog, each week, an outfit predominately consisting of a chosen colour, and this week’s is an interesting choice…Grey
Actually I rather like grey. In fact, I’m wearing grey slacks and a grey/black jumper as I write this post. I decided to make the challenge a little bit tougher for myself by not venturing out and buying anything new; everything for this look is sourced from my inventory, thus I can’t guarantee it’s still around for you to buy. But I needed an easy start back into the swing of things, so quickly threw this rather effective ensemble together.

I wanted to concoct a look I’d be happy to wear on a late Autumn afternoon, and this would be a perfect. What could be nicer than a funky hair style worn with a classically styled jumper, given a modern edge with fingerless red leather gloves, red tights and boots? (Granted, you can’t actually see the tights and boots, but you get my drift:)

Red really brings this look to life and I’m sure you’ll agree that it takes grey to a totally different level.
Thanks to Luna for this challenge, and here’s to 52 weeks of colour! ( Are there 52 colours? I can only think of a few…)

Here’s what I’m wearing:

SHAPE: Mine own. MINE!

SKIN: ‘Nellie’ by LAQ

EYES: ‘Anime Eyes’ ( Grey) by BY SNOW

HAIR: ‘Robyn’ in Smoke by TRUTH


GLOVES: Fingerless gloves by PANJEN (A Kittywitchin wardrobe staple)

NAILS: Silver nails by EYE CANDI

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