Luna Jubilee’s Blogger Challenge-52 Weeks Of Colour #3 ‘Goldenrod’

A total lack of imagination ( and funds) meant a proper inventory rummage this week; not that the previous week’s haven’t seen me do that anyway, but I can say in all honesty that I’ve never come across this colour before so knew I’d wouldn’t have a single thing in my inventory that suited the brief spot on.
But what I did have was a pair of rather dandy mustard socks, and my ever-glorious booty, so this weeks look is about the socks and very little else. (These socks were actually a freebie and are really nicely made too)

I’ve kept the picture discreet and ladylike, but if you want to have a perv over what is, after all, a mighty fine ass just click the image to see a bigger version…

SHAPE-Kitty’s own (No You can’t have one ;P)
SKIN- LAQ ‘Nellie’ 08
EYES- SLink ‘Light Brown’ small
HAIR- TRUTH-‘Kelsey’ Jupiter (with yellow streaks)
SOCKS-G FIELD ‘Mustard Ruffle’ ( Free sample)

Luna Jubilee’s Blogger Challenge-52 Weeks Of Colour #2 Blue


Week 2 of the blogger challenge and again I performed an inventory rummage for my outfit.

Like last week my outfit is simple and straight to the point, but to meet the brief I felt that a totally amazing shade of blue was required, and fortunately I found exactly the colour I was looking for in this majestic blue wrap dress from HUCCI. Isn’t it glorious? I think that it looks fabulous against the milky tone of the wonderful ‘Julie’ skin from LAQ, and with the addition of a fabulous statement necklace from Ganked, and deepest blue eyes from SLInk I was practically 99% there. BUT the look needed a killer hairstyle, and I found it in one of Truth’s latest releases; it’s called ‘Kitty’ but alas, I don’t think he named it after me, although he ruddy well should have done, I’ve given him plenty of coverage on this blog!
The copper tone of the style ties all the elements together and makes for not only a stunning ensemble, but a more than passing resemblance to Bryce Dallas Howard, don’t you think? There’s also a slightly 1980’s vibe to this one. This challenge is a great idea, but I have no idea what next week’s picture will look like..the required colour is…GOLDENROD. I fear mine may end up looking more like custard. Watch this space!

SHAPE: Mine Own, not for sale.
SKIN: LAQ Julie 05 milky glow skin
EYES: Speckled Blue by SLink
OUTFIT:Hucci wrap dress in Majestic Blue
NECKLACE: Ganked Arizona necklace
NAILS:Eye candi finger nail polish blue
HAIR: Truth ‘Kitty’ streaked copper

Luna Jubilee’s Blogger Challenge-52 Weeks Of Colour #1 Grey

I haven’t blogged anything clothing related for a wee while so a blogger challenge was just right for dipping my toe back into the virtual foot-bath of fashion writing.Making my way through all the murky toenail clippings and used corn-plasters I happened across the brilliant Luna Jubilee’s Blog, and she’s devised a rather fabulous plan to get us all blogging on a pretty regular basis.
We have to blog, each week, an outfit predominately consisting of a chosen colour, and this week’s is an interesting choice…Grey
Actually I rather like grey. In fact, I’m wearing grey slacks and a grey/black jumper as I write this post. I decided to make the challenge a little bit tougher for myself by not venturing out and buying anything new; everything for this look is sourced from my inventory, thus I can’t guarantee it’s still around for you to buy. But I needed an easy start back into the swing of things, so quickly threw this rather effective ensemble together.

I wanted to concoct a look I’d be happy to wear on a late Autumn afternoon, and this would be a perfect. What could be nicer than a funky hair style worn with a classically styled jumper, given a modern edge with fingerless red leather gloves, red tights and boots? (Granted, you can’t actually see the tights and boots, but you get my drift:)

Red really brings this look to life and I’m sure you’ll agree that it takes grey to a totally different level.
Thanks to Luna for this challenge, and here’s to 52 weeks of colour! ( Are there 52 colours? I can only think of a few…)

Here’s what I’m wearing:

SHAPE: Mine own. MINE!

SKIN: ‘Nellie’ by LAQ

EYES: ‘Anime Eyes’ ( Grey) by BY SNOW

HAIR: ‘Robyn’ in Smoke by TRUTH


GLOVES: Fingerless gloves by PANJEN (A Kittywitchin wardrobe staple)

NAILS: Silver nails by EYE CANDI