Luna Jubilee’s Blogger Challenge-52 Weeks Of Colour #3 ‘Goldenrod’

Luna Jubilee’s Blogger Challenge-52 Weeks Of Colour #3 ‘Goldenrod’

A total lack of imagination ( and funds) meant a proper inventory rummage this week; not that the previous week’s haven’t seen me do that anyway, but I can say in all honesty that I’ve never come across this colour before so knew I’d wouldn’t have a single thing in my inventory that suited the brief spot on.
But what I did have was a pair of rather dandy mustard socks, and my ever-glorious booty, so this weeks look is about the socks and very little else. (These socks were actually a freebie and are really nicely made too)

I’ve kept the picture discreet and ladylike, but if you want to have a perv over what is, after all, a mighty fine ass just click the image to see a bigger version…

SHAPE-Kitty’s own (No You can’t have one ;P)
SKIN- LAQ ‘Nellie’ 08
EYES- SLink ‘Light Brown’ small
HAIR- TRUTH-‘Kelsey’ Jupiter (with yellow streaks)
SOCKS-G FIELD ‘Mustard Ruffle’ ( Free sample)

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