Wildwood Breedable Cats GO LIVE DEC 1ST!!

Wildwood Breedable Cats GO LIVE DEC 1ST!!

Yes, that’s right my ardent avatar ailurophiles, the Wildwoods are released in Second Life on Wednesday.
The sim has been closed in preparation for the launch because, let’s face it, it is going to be packed.(I really hope us Beta testers get an early pass. I’d be happy with that as a perk of the job:)
Details about release, such as pricing structure, haven’t been revealed, but some interesting details have.
It looks as though starter packs will not be following the trail blazed by Krazy Kitties, in that starter kittens will be transferrable, BUT Wildwood have emphasised the need to keep hold of your starters in the event of them producing ‘Elegants’. I’d never heard of this concept until I read the press release but an elegant sounds similar ( in theory at least) to a ‘Charmed’ Amaretto horse or an ‘Elite’ Ozimals bunny, in that they are special cats that come in different colours and patterns. Add to that the fact that they’re breedable and have the potential to pass on another elegant through their breeding span and you have a very desirable moggie indeed.
Wildwood will be restricting the amount of starter packs that an avatar can purchase. They recognise that some people will just be interested in an automatic resale but they have emphasised the need for restraint, and to that end will be monitoring sales closely. Each package released will have its own price and limit of purchase (This only applies to the cats, not to the actual food and supplies)
With this in mind I recommend you take a good look at the website page where the starter pelts are displayed, select the one(s) that you want and focus on buying only those when the time comes. This means that in theory you can be in and out of the sim in a flash on release day, rather than dithering over decision making and therefore preventing a squillion other avatars from getting onto the sim.

As far as I am aware starter kitties will be one of the following:

* Solids (Eg Blue)
* Bi-Colour (Eg Black and White)
* Tabby( Eg Brown Tabby, Ginger Tabby)
* Tri-Colour ( Eg Black, white and ginger)

Each starter is available in SIX different colour combinations, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

I really don’t know what to go for; they’re all adorable; but to start I will probably get myself a Bi-colour and a Tabby pack, although I may well change my mind on that one a million times over before Wednesday!

What other advice can I give you in preparation of the big reveal? Join the Wildwood group in world, and bookmark the website. Join the forums, read the posts, peruse the pictures. Get your Lindens ready, and check the chat and notices in the group for sim opening times.

When it comes to buying your kittens, DRESS DOWN for the occasion. You’re buying cats, not going to a virtual fashion parade, so reduce your ARC as much as possible. ( I have a special all black zero ARC avatar that I use on such occasions. It looks a total bugger but it got me in and out of the Amaretto sim on launch day in a relatively reasonable time-frame) Tempers will fray, silly questions will be asked and people will struggle to get into the sim, but it’s all part of the release day fun.

The Wildwood Cats are one of the most anticipated virtual products released this year, and from my experience as a Beta tester I can tell you that they’re charming, fun and totally rewarding to own with tons of eye, ear, coat, shade and tail options meaning that there’s limitless breeding fun to be had from these feline fantasies. Follow my tips and get yourself geared up for what promises to be a very exciting launch indeed…

3 thoughts on “Wildwood Breedable Cats GO LIVE DEC 1ST!!

  1. Like I said, very dissapointing, very laggy, very un impressed.
    The hype of these was amazing and when i got some, i checked the script time and its 0.90!!!
    I have never seen a pet so high!

    They walk like they are made of wood excuse the pun. And they are more camera friendly than SL friendly.
    They look good on images, in SL they look like foxes!

    Goodluck, i wont waste any more money on them


    1. Hmm they look like cats to me. I own some and have had NO issues with lag and I’m on a homestead. All my friends are happy with theirs. Not sure how someone could really say anything bad cause I’m going back for more!

      So I am with Kitty on these! Amazing and worth it! You can tell Wildwood spent a lot of time on their breedable.


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