Ingenue Cyber-Monday ( Tuesday and Wednesday) Dress Sale

Ingenue Cyber-Monday ( Tuesday and Wednesday) Dress Sale

‘Ingenue’ is having a Cyber Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday sale which means a terrific 50% discount on all dresses in the store, including this one, ‘Hothouse Flower’ in ‘Wilted Rose’.

It costs just L$125 (pre-sale L$250) and as you can see is utterly perfect for creating a ‘Mad Men’ vibe.

Not only that, but there are some stunning gowns included in the offer that are totally perfect for the holiday season. Full bodied skirts or slinky tailored numbers are equally represented and crafted in exquisite detail: trust me folks, you really shouldn’t miss this sale. ( ‘Kerria’ in Scarlett and ‘Japonica’ in Rouge are THE classic party frocks to wear this season if you ask me!)

While you’re in store you can use the Lindens that you’ve saved on your dress towards getting the matching shoes too because there’s a fabulous range available to compliment any outfit, and I also recommend that you give the Gatcha machines a whirl.

Use:  ( For some reason my links aren’t working so well at the moment, but copy and paste that and you’ll get straight to the good stuff!)

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