Project Themeory- Intrigue’s Reindeer Outfit

Intrigue have rezzed their ‘Project Themeory’ vendor a bit early this week and lucky for us too, because it’s a natty Reindeer costume that’s just a ton of fun to wear, as you can tell from my photo.

It includes a full body suit with a hood that has three different hair colours included (Black, blonde and brown) and there’s even a no-hair option for those who like to wear their own hair. Or baldies.
It has a cute butt-flap with a reindeer tail and also features reindeer slippers. In other words, it does exactly what it says on the tin, no more, no less;  and it’s just one of those fun costumes that Second Life does so well. It also looks amazingly warm too ! Seriously I want this in real life, can you imagine how toasty I’d be?

The pack includes male and female versions so you can get one for your winter buddy and make like reindeer together and do whatever it is that reindeer do. Snort and stuff I think. Perhaps eat some snow. You know, pull Santa’s sleigh, that kind of thing.
Oh, and the best bit? It’s just L$75. Neat huh?  is the address you’ll be needing to get your reindeer mitts on one of these!

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