Awesome Blossom’s ‘Holiday Bench’

Awesome Blossom’s ‘Holiday Bench’

So, snow has arrived on my home sim of Jasper Island, and everywhere has been transformed into a Winter wonderland.

Just in time for my decorative needs, Awesome Blossom ( have released this sublime bench which is available for L$75 until the end of the weekend. I think I’ve mentioned that I adore Awesome Blossom many a time, but each new release just reaffirms my admiration for the brand. The ‘Holiday Bench’ features texture change pillows and has a christmas wreath slung casually over one corner and 6 animations for you and your chums to enjoy. It’s just 17 prims and really helps set the scene and fill up a wintry space…I loves it. If you’d like to get your mitts on one then here’s the link:

( I would usually insert a hyperlink, but alas there is something a bit wrong with my WordPress settings at the moment. No matter, that link will get you there in a nice and speedy fashion:)

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