Clutter Up Your Holiday Home…

Clutter Up Your Holiday Home…

Kat Alderson has released her ‘Holiday Home’ range, available in store now at Clutter in Wind River Territory and it is just as delightful as you would expect.
The styling lends itself well to rustic, vintage homestyles featuring items resplendent with traditional textures and motifs all beautifully presented and styled. There are some fabulous furnishings to behold, including gorgeous chairs and tables as well as a lovely luxury chaise. Kayt has  also produced lamps, a coffee cart, bookshelves and ornaments for your tree, as well as great wee touches such as Christmas wrapping sets and table decorations. If your idea of Yuletide is one of a wholesome family setting with a smidgen of wild western flavour then mosey on over to Wind River Territory and stock up on these timeless pieces for your very own holiday home; satisfaction guaranteed!  Here’s your link>

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