The Hemingway Collection by Clutter

I’ve not blogged about Clutter for a while, Kat Alderson’s emporium of fabulous furnishings and knick knacks based at Wind River Territory, but I had to this week. She’s released an awesome, and astonishingly cheap, range of African inspired furnishings for your home and you simply MUST check them out.

The Hemingway Collection (Trust Kat to come up with a literary inspired name!) is just what you need if you want to add a touch of African spice to your abode. There’s a multitude of pieces available, from these glorious wing back chairs to stools based on Djembe drums, vases, wall art and a lovely screen. There’s also a fantastic pavillion which I seriously recommend if you’re intending on some outdoor dining with your Second Life chums.

I love Kats bits and bobs, I really do. I also love her approach to retail, these pieces are priced so even those on a seriously tight Linden budget don’t need to miss out, and above all else the textures that she applies are just perfect. The great thing about this collection is that it’s texture change; there are a number of animal prints available to select from. I particularly like the Zebra, Giraffe and the Tiger styles!

I’ve used these pieces to decorate my home to great success. This is just fabulous work, great value for money and really looks the part. I’ve known Kat a while now and it is so satisfying to see the creations that she rolls out on a near-weekly basis. She’s come a long way from her Third Life Interior and Alderson & Charron days and I’m really excited to see what else she has in store for us all!

You need to get your skates on if you want to buy these pieces, because The Hemingway Collection is split into various components and is featured in a multitude of different sale events (but fortunately all the pieces are in the same location, phew!)

The Hemingway Collection Part 1 is part of the TOSL (‘Taste Of Second Life’) event and is a pavillion with fire bowl, table, vase and seating and is just fabulous value for money at L$100

The Hemingway Collection Part 2 is part of ‘Sixty Linden Weekends’ event and includes some funky drum stools, a folding screen and vase and costs just L$60 (The screen is to die for, so simple and yet so fine!)

The Hemingway Collection Part 3 includes the wing back chairs, featuring 5 texture change options and 15 sits each come with a chest and plant and is part of the ‘La Venta eventa’ running from June 10-12.  These items cost L$100 (Note: the chair poses are GREAT!)

The Hemingway Collection Part 4 includes the two seater bench, wall art and a torch planter- this is part of the Super Bargain Saturday event and costs a mere L$60.

All these items are at the main store in Wind River Territory as you walk in.  There’s a pavillion outside so that you can give it a test-drive before you buy. CLICK HERE to TP directly to the goodies!


Clutter Up Your Holiday Home…

Kat Alderson has released her ‘Holiday Home’ range, available in store now at Clutter in Wind River Territory and it is just as delightful as you would expect.
The styling lends itself well to rustic, vintage homestyles featuring items resplendent with traditional textures and motifs all beautifully presented and styled. There are some fabulous furnishings to behold, including gorgeous chairs and tables as well as a lovely luxury chaise. Kayt has  also produced lamps, a coffee cart, bookshelves and ornaments for your tree, as well as great wee touches such as Christmas wrapping sets and table decorations. If your idea of Yuletide is one of a wholesome family setting with a smidgen of wild western flavour then mosey on over to Wind River Territory and stock up on these timeless pieces for your very own holiday home; satisfaction guaranteed!  Here’s your link>