A Cracking Christmas At Cleo Design!


Just like in real life, decorating for Christmas can be a really expensive affair. Pine trees drop their needles everywhere, baubles break and cats have this super-annoying tendency to climb up the tree and send it crashing to the floor. Not to mention that if you hang choccies from your branches they usually last all of five minutes before the dog discovers them and then spends the rest of Christmas with a very guilty look on their chops…and a festive attack of the chocolate induced runs as well. Marvellous.

So this is one reason why I advocate decorating in Second Life, because you can make your (albeit) virtual home a veritable winter wonderland of Yuletide yumminess for not very much money at all, and it’s practically hassle-free. All the best stores like La’Licious, Clutter, Mudhoney, What Next, Belle Belle and The Loft have their Christmas ranges, but one store that’s really stepped up to the mark and totally surprised me is Cleo Design – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oamaru%20Bay/44/206/22

There is a Christmas range in store that is not only pleasing to your purse, but so darned delicious that if you don’t go and peruse the wares on display I may have to get all psychotic and hunt you down and MAKE you visit. Scared? You should be, but of me, not the loveliness that’s on display. We’re talking prim perfection folks, lovely sculpts and nommy textures galore. But it’s not just the quality that speaks volumes about this place, it’s the prices that are the true stars of the show.

For example, see that amazing modernesque decorated white Christmas tree in the picture above? L$75 . I kid you not. The fireplace and all its accoutrements? A jaw dropping 150L AND IT IS EXQUISITE!! I’ve not even mentioned the fantastic festive sofa set (L125) or the matching fire and surround (L$350)or the sumptuous floor cushions (L$50)and decorations yet! ( You can glimpse those at the far left of the picture)

There’s so much in the Xmas range that’s worthy of your Linden dollar that you may as well just walk into the store and buy the whole ruddy lot, because quite frankly it wouldn’t cost you that much if you actually did just that.

I was lucky enough to bump into the store proprietess, Cleom Bailey, whilst I was there ( I was snuggled under the blanket on the rocking chair at the time, L$150) and I asked her about her designs. She was really humble and simply stated that she likes making things and knowing that they make people happy.

Well Cleom,  they do that and then some!

So dear reader, 5 sleeps until Santa! Put your time to good use and go visit the store NOW and get your home ready for the big man himself. He may even leave you a few extra presents as a reward! Here’s your LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oamaru%20Bay/44/206/22

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