Still Wild For Them Wildwoods…

Still Wild For Them Wildwoods…

Yes I am very much, and that’s despite the predictable decline as the grid began to overflow with felines in every corner.
Sadly, It’s gotten to the point now where you can pick up traited cats for ridiculous prices, and the auctions seem to have stalled; a similar pattern to what has gone before then. I think this pattern is pretty much set in stone, so it’s up to breeders themselves to take action against it. This means resisting the urge to go mad and acquire a breeding stock of a zillion critters on release day, leading to way too much product.  The market only thrives when there is demand, and there has been very little recently for cats. But it’s not just the breeders who need to take action, it’s Wildwood themselves, and there is still MUCH to be excited about. A new shade, ‘Luminous’ has already appeared, as have the fluffy and chubby body shapes. I can’t say I was especially enamoured with the former, it looked a bit spiky when I saw a photo of it BUT I’m holding off until I actually see one in the flesh before I pass final judgement, same for the chubby shape too. I also understand a new smaller ear was discovered today too which I’m intrigued by.

But let me introduce you to Valerie, courtesy of my good friend Vere Noyes who has managed to breed herself a rather fabulous Valentines Day cat, a ‘Broken Heart Plushie’. Isn’t she gorgeous? You really cannot fault the Wildwood team when it comes to making desirable moggies featuring original textures and patterning.  She looks a bot Emo tatty teddy really doesn’t she?  In fact; as a committed ailurophile now that we have both the Wildwoods AND the Kittycats I feel like I am totally spoiled for choice!
What next? Doggies? Ooh…hang on…

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