Sweetcats by Kittycats are here!

Sweetcats by Kittycats are here!

So the Kittycats were finally released last Sunday, and it’s fair to say they have been a rousing success, and deservedly so. They’re very different to Wildwoods in a legion of ways and that’s a *good* thing, and they’ve affirmed that with the release of ‘Sweetcats’, a selection of special Valentine’s Day Kittycats available for a very short time period in the main store.This is a really interesting development; instead of breeding a special cat (the commonest formula followed by the big breedable hitters in-world including Wildwood) you can actually purchase a special edition Valentine’s Kittycat. Is this a good idea? After all, isn’t part of the challenge to see what you can breed? Yes it is, BUT it can be really frustrating when you only have a small number of pets and a limited time frame in which to breed them before the special holiday birthing window closes. In fact if you’re desperate for an elite it can cost you a packet, either from purchasing performance enhancers and all kinds of elixirs to make your breedables ripe and ready, or by just biting the bullet and buying the one you want at market. Therefore it’s quite refreshing to see special edition Kittycats on sale to all, but there is a catch: these are random purchases so you can’t guarantee a particular shade and they cost..L$850 a pop!
Has that prevented people from purchasing? Has it heck as like, the store has been packed all night and the amount of multiple purchases is extraordinary. It wasn’t long until the Kittycats Addicts group was filled with requests for swaps, followed by glorious boasts of the lucky few who had managed to assemble a complete set in a very short period of time.(Goddess only knows how much that must have cost them!) The choices are as follows:
1. “YOUR LOVE” – Orange
2. “KISS ME” – Pink
3. “BE MINE” – Purple
4. “MY BABY” – Blue
5. “TRUE LOVE” – Teal
6. “I LOVE YOU” – Red
7. “ALL MINE” – Lime
8. “XOXO” – all colors and Oddessey(sic) eyes
It seems the most popular edition is the XoXo, which you can see in the illustration above, but I noted that there seems to be a LOT of orange Sweetcats being born.
Your purchased pack includes one Kittycat, a vitamin potion (which will increase love stats for breeding) and each cat is born wearing a collar. They also have different eyes to the standard cats that are currently on sale, a trait that makes them especially covetable, and they have plumper tails too.
I didn’t think I’d be getting one, but Kimberly Warwillow surprised me with an early Valentine’s gift of my very own kitten, and I was blessed with an ickle green girly! Here she is, I’ve called her ‘Elphie’ ( If it was a chap he would have been called ‘Bogey’. Good job it’s a girl huh?)

I’m really loving Kittycats and enjoying them very much, they have so many differences to Wildwood cats and are extremely entertaining to watch as they run through their animation sequences. There’s a few unique qualities that as a breeder I really appreciate too; for example they can jump to their set home location (Useful, herding cats is an impossibility!) AND probably the most appealling proposition for breeders is that you don’t have to wait days for kittens. Kittycats give birth immediately and are not pregnant for days, and they also have no cool-down time, they start gaining love again after they gave birth.
What this means is a challenge for Wildwood, they have to enhance their product in a way that will keep their core audience as well as attract new customers.  Can they do it? Well, we’ve already started to see new traits emerge, but will this be enough to retain the faithful?

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