Valentine Collection launched at ‘The Dressing Room’

..and guys, it’s a bit of a corker!

Lots of jewellery, clothing, hair and a swanky pair of boots to tempt you this month, but for me the stand-out items have to be this absolutely fantastic frock and stunning skin.

The dress is by ‘A&A Fashion’ is called ‘Ornia’ and is all kinds of romantic; up-close it has an interesting mesh texture and dangly bits, as well as a rose decoration against the neckline. It’s rather swanksome and very romantic for snuggling with your special someone on Valentines day, and is a steal at just L$65.

The skin is also from the Dressing Room and is by ‘Glam Affair’; it’s called ‘Nina- V Day’. It’s a right bobby-dazzler and deserves to be worn all year round. As you would expect from Glam Affair this is an absolutely beautiful skin, with fabulous detail and shading in all the necessary areas teamed with totally fierce, bold black eyeliner and the reddist lips you’ll see this side of being chafed by a Raleigh Chopper bike seat…ahem. It costs just L$70 and includes two skintones in the pack. Wonderful.

To finish the look I’m sporting one of the most lovely styles that Mr Truth Hawks has created in a long time. This is ‘Bea’, ultra-long and curly with a scissor-sharp fringe and tons of options (63 streak options and two styles of fringe/bangs in each pack!) It’s a veritable Valentine’s banquet on a stick of happy and is just L$250 on the Marketplace.

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