“Our House, in the middle of our street”

“Our House, in the middle of our street”

Y’know, this may sound a bit odd in a virtual world where you can live in a space station, a castle, or a dustbin should you so choose, but sometimes it’s way too easy to find yourself becoming alienated by the suave and sophisticated ultra-modern abodes that seem to overwhelm every nook and cranny in the metaverse.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a passion for Second Life real estate bar none, but sometimes it can be a bit..you know.

I wonder if it’s because I’m a Northern lass, in a town full of terraces and semis. Not quite Coronation Street, but close if you get my drift.
I do actually have a huge admiration for terraced houses actually; my very first home was a terrace and I have totally fond memories of it. They’re cosy, and often very old, but imbued with character that you just don’t get in a new-build property.

Having lived in both I can say, hand on heart, the older house was tons better.So it’s with some delight that I can say I’ve found a rather fabulous terraced-style property that would be perfect for building a community around; in fact, I know a few real houses exactly like this one!

This is ‘The Hathern’, and it’s available from a couple of locations at the moment: the first being  ‘Starstruck’ a new store from well-known designer and super-cutie Cyclic Gearz. She has great plans for the store, which is a work-in-progress at the moment, but you will already discover a cute range of furniture in pastel shades and quirky shapes perfect for the shabby chic AND the Alice-In-Wonderland afficianado. But the real treat in my opinion is this wee prefab that she has created. It’s right out of a Northern soap opera, featuring bespoke texturing and authentic brick styling. Great textures, and you can modify this to your heart’s content make it a deceptively simple build. Details make all the difference: I love the fact that it sports a UPVC door and a drainpipe and grill, as well as two fireplaces and an open staircase (perfect for tripping upon).

So, if you’re looking for a small, modifiable abode. why not go what estate agents would probably describe as ‘bijou’? It’s 87 prims, and is currently L$350 at the ‘I ❤ Originals Fair‘ (Usual price is L$500 at the main store)

Oh, And I’m not the only person to rave about this …click here and here to see what some of SL’s most popular bloggers think!

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